Diwali Decoration Ideas

Creative Diwali Decoration Ideas to Welcome Goddess Lakshmi and Your Guests

Cheerfulness, enthusiasm and splendor are synonymous to Diwali and it is very well represented by Hindus in India. Preparations for the celebration starts months before the auspicious day and people start gathering ideas for Diwali celebrations in the office or at home. Diwali festival reminds us of the season of joy and splendor and who doesn’t want any celebration at home or at work?

Diwali Decoration Ideas

More than just bursting crackers and performing the puja, Diwali is also famous for beautiful decorations and fostering of relationships. Celebrating Diwali as a corporate event, reinforces and instills positive values and brings the employees and management close to one another.

With the hope that all our fellow readers will observe a pollution free Diwali, Mothers Zone shares with you some amazing Diwali decoration ideas for office and home this festive season!

So, brace yourself as we tell you about the most happening ways of celebrating festivities at your workplace with great décor and fun!


Diwali celebration seems impossible without candles. Think of diwali-candlesDiwali and you instantly think of beautiful flickering candles dancing to the tune of cool breeze at Diwali night. You can bring some amazing aromatic candles for your place to add a dab of mystic while bringing some light to the surroundings.

Choose candles that add some sweet fragrance to the surroundings, making it possible for you to not only brighten your home but also create the perfect mood for the revelries.

Aside from fragrant candles, you can go for some beautiful floating candles too! These, when kept in a glass bowl filled with water, can wonderfully adorn any place. Add some rose petals to the bowl and create a fascinating charisma at your home.




Colourful LED lights are some of the sure shot ways to decorate your home or office when Diwali comes. Take a look out of your balcony and you will see stunning lights adorning the verandas, terraces, galleries and exteriors of many homes during Diwali.

Apart from adding a glamourous look and feel to any place, these also help to rev up any dull and dreary exterior with the option to change the pattern of these lights. So, pick the most beautiful LED lights from the local market and create a pleasing appearance at your home.




There is no celebration in India that is complete without flowers, and Diwali is no exception! It’s that time of the year when fresh flowers

and garlands of rose, lily, and jasmine, are used to decorate your place and to bring a garden-fresh and fragrant charm to it.

You can decorate your doors or stair handles with these flowers, and can even use a string of lights which is skilfully decorated with flowers to enhance the exquisiteness of your home.


Toran (Vandanvar)


Torans are an indispensable part of Diwali decorations. Eye-catching torans with mango leaves and marigold flowers can be seen in almost all homes in India during Diwali.

Mostly used to decorate the entrance door, Torans are embellished with beads, mirrors, studs, and other such fashionable items that give a wonderful appeal to your home.



Colourful Diyas

One of the most important parts of Diwali celebrations is decorating your home with diyas. You can go for some beautiful multi-coloured traditional diyas to add more splendour to the décor of your place.

If you wish to go beyond the ordinary, then you may consider decorating the diyas with bright, colourful beads and mirrors. This will make them look all the more magnificent and alluring!




Another important tradition that is associated with Diwali is Rangoli. From amateurs to experts, everybody loves to decorate their homes with beautiful colours on Diwali. As a matter of fact, many offices also conduct Rangoli competitions during Diwali celebrations, which help the employees to bring their latent artists out in the open.

If you are not an adroit Rangoli artist, then don’t fret! You can easily create beautiful Rangoli with the help of the stencils that are readily available in the market in this day and age.

Just pick your favourite pattern and you are all set to create an attractive Diwali Rangoli with beautiful vermillion powders and flowers! You can also adorn your Rangoli by placing diyas and candles all over it. Some of the most common Rangoli themes include symbols of Mangal Kalash, Swastikaa, and Shree; along with the designs of flowers, lamps, peacocks, and the rest.


Diwali Puja Thali decoration


The puja thali holds special significance and innovative thali decoration ideas can simply add the needed charm to the entire decoration. You can paint a steel thali with acrylic color or stick a fabric, preferably velvet on the thali.

Create patterns by using decorative stones, gota, decorative mirrors or pearls and create a Ganesh or a Swastika in the centre.


Akash Diya

Celebrate this Diwali with exceptional and extremely striking Akash Diyas. You can create them at your place if you are a DIY enthusiast or can even get them from the market. Click some beautiful pictures with your loved ones when you release these akash diyas in the sky and create everlasting memories this Diwali!

So, what are you waiting for? Just bring out the creative artist in you and make the best use of your skills to decorate your place in a truly gorgeous manner! Spread love, lights, and beauty all around you, this year and always!

Mother’s Zone wishes you a Very Happy Diwali!