Clothing A Baby

Clothing new born baby is a very tactful task. This needs proper advice and guidance so that parents select proper clothes for their newborn babies and also get some handy tips to dress their little ones.

Type of Clothes

In hot summers, the baby will feel comfortable in a light cotton wear. Generally, doctors say that a healthy baby is able to maintain the body temperature well and is comfortable in the same type of clothing as an adult. So, make sure not to overload your baby with lots of heavy and synthetic clothes. The skin of the babies is extremely soft; so avoid clothes with embellishments and materials that may cause irritation to their skin.

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In winters, it is preferable to cover as much parts of the baby’s body as possible. So make your little one feel cozy by covering her head with a cap, her feet with woolen socks and her hands with woolen gloves.


Precautions while clothing a baby

Often, parents tend to overdo clothing when it comes to their baby’s health and well-being. Even though it may seem right to the parents, but it might turn out to be pretty uncomfortable for the baby. Over-clothing may lead to excessive heat retention and the baby may land up with dehydration and fever. Thus, parents should make sure that they take all the necessary steps to not overdo things and let the baby be comfortable with the right amount and type of clothes.

Another precaution the parents should take is that the nose of the baby should be open to allow the new born to breathe easily. Any type of clothing, which can slip and cover the nose of the baby, may be dangerous and, thus, should be avoided.

The baby may toss and turn while sleeping, which may uncover the little one of the quilt or the blanket. It is better to wrap the baby with a blanket and if you feel that more warmth is required, then you may put a quilt on top of the baby.

How to dress your baby

Supporting your baby on your lap while dressing the baby, stretch the neckline of the garment and pull it over your baby’s head. Use your fingers to ensure that the cloth does not catch on the face or ears of your baby.

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It is advisable for the parents to be a little tender with their new born babies while dressing them up. Avoid pushing your baby’s arm through the sleeve, and instead of doing this, you should gently put your hand into the sleeve, grasp your baby’s hand, and pull it through.

When it comes to undressing your little one, make sure that you support your baby’s back and head and carefully take off the sleeves one at a time. Once this is done, then stretch the neckline, and lift it cautiously to slip it off your baby’s chin and face.