Stay Healthy & Fit With These 5 Free Hand Exercises

No time to go to the gym and invest your efforts in getting that toned and wonderful body frame? Well, if so, then don’t fret.

leg lifts

You might not know it, but all it takes to get a well shaped body is your dedication. Doesn’t matter even if you are short of time! Don’t believe us? We have got a list of some easy to do free hand exercises for you that don’t require any equipment!

So, say good bye to spending long hours sweating it out on a tough workout, while there are some great fun and no fuss exercises out there.

Here are a few of them. Read about them and do give a try!


Do you want to get those well carved out legs? Do you covet to show off your lean frame with an impressive, fat free abdomen? If yes, then squats are for you. Make sure you do at least 5 reps on a daily basis to get the results you want. Squats are, in fact, one of the main exercises that help in strengthening the thighs and buttocks. So, try them and provide the much needed flexibility to your lower body.

knee_pushupPush Ups

Yes! How can this be missed? As a matter of fact, it is the most popular workout ever. A must try for those who want to build up their upper body, push ups is a part of many workout enthusiasts’ regime. Do a minimum of 50 push ups daily to strengthen your chest, biceps, triceps, spinal cord and shoulders. All you need is a vertical space, be it the floor or the wall!

Ab Crunches

Reducing that fat from your belly and experiencing a great transition from flab to fab becomes possible with this one! So, if you have been hell bent to tone up your stomach, but do not have one of the very many equipment that are there in the modern age gymnasiums, then try ab crunches at the earliest. Apart from toning that belly, this exercise also helps in strengthening your stomach. We don’t really think you need any more reasons to try it! Just get set and go!

Leg Lifts

If you wish to have well toned abs and legs, then leg lifts are for you. Based on your physical condition as well as the level of intensity that you need in a workout, there are different types of leg lifts that can be tried. So, go on the way towards a fitter and stronger body by trying these. Get attractive legs while building your abs and adding muscle to the calves – experience all this and much more with leg lifts.

Side-bendsSide Bends

One of the very basic and simple exercises that you can ever try is a side bend. All you need is a bit of time and the passion to get those perfect love handles, and you are good to go! To do the side bend in a proper manner, begin with standing aptly with your feet apart, and knees slightly bent. Then, put one hand on your hip and keep the other straight downward. Now, keeping your hips stationery, bend to one side while letting the hand to move towards the side of your leg. Do at least 20 reps and then switch hands.