Who Is The Murderer?
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Who Is The Murderer? »

Famous actress Arunima was found dead in her hotel room on the New Year’s day i.e. the 1st of January.

She had come

Choosy Choice
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Choosy Choice »

This is a little choosy, but only a little.

One morning Amit bought a paan from a paanwala and gave him a fifty

Brain Teasers
Brain Teasers

Brain Teasers »

If you want to have fun and at the same time test your logic skills, then this is the right place! We have

Bag of Balls
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Bag of Balls »

Ramesh bought eight balls which were of the same weight, size and colour. He kept them in a bag. Harish, his younger brother,

A Weighty Problem
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A Weighty Problem »

Lala Ramdas runs a grocery shop in a small town. Various types of customers visit his shop to buy the goods. Selling goods

A Watchful Watch
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A Watchful Watch »

Chatursen helped in solving Savita’s murder case by providing some important information. He had ha habit of noting the exact time of any


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