Jataka Stories

The Banyan Deer »

Long ago, on the outskirts of Benaras, there was a forest which was home to a stunning golden deer. He was known

Jataka Stories

The Tale of the Two Parrots »

Once upon a time, there were two parrots, who loved travelling to far off places in search of food. These two beautiful

Jataka Stories

The Penny Wise Monkey »

Once there was a King who lived in a big and affluent country. He was very fond of traveling, but did not

Jataka Stories

The Measure of Rice »

Long ago, there was a dishonest king who had an honest valuer in his court. The valuer used to set prices for

The Brave Quail
Jataka Stories

The Brave Quail »

Once there was a forest near Varanasi, where lived some quails in a shady grove. This shady grove was also a

Jataka Stories
Jataka Stories

Jataka Stories »

Mother’s Zone brings to you Jataka stories for kids – the much revered treasury of tales of Buddha’s previous animal reincarnations. With simple

Demons in the Desert
Jataka Stories

Demons in the Desert »

Several years ago, there were two friends who were merchants. They decided to go on a trip to sell their merchandise.

The Power of a Rumour
Jataka Stories

The Power of a Rumour »

Several years ago, there was a forest which was home to several happy animals. In the forest, there was a hare

The Mouse Merchant
Jataka Stories

The Mouse Merchant »

Once there was a famous adviser who was heading towards the king palace along with other advisers. On his way, he

The Golden Swan
Jataka Stories

The Golden Swan »

Once there was a swan who possessed beautiful golden feathers. This swan used to live in a pond. Near to the

The Golden Plate
Jataka Stories

The Golden Plate »

Once upon a time, in a place known as Seri, lived two salesmen who used to sell pots. They mutually agreed

Jataka Stories

The Elephant and The Forester »

It is believed that Lord Buddha was born as a while elephant in one of his previous incarnations, and used to


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