Christmas party menu ideas and foods that can be prepared in advance

Christmas party menu ideas and foods that can be prepared in advance

There is so much to plan for your Christmas celebration. From choosing gifts to menus for the party, even the most enthusiastic person would find it difficult to manage at times. It is said that the Christmas spread that you always lay on your table often tells stories about your ancestors, where they came from and of course the culture and traditions that you hold on. The classic Christmas menu of a community or house often tells these personal stories. But there is no need to panic for the dinner menu for your guest on Christmas morning! You can relax as we offer you some interesting menu ideas that you can easily cook at home and serve it to your guests.

So, it’s Christmas day and instead of enjoying with your family, you are busy in the kitchen peeling potatoes and carrots and trying to get the chicken dish ready before it’s too late. Dinner will be really awesome, but by the time you are done, you will be so exhausted that you will hardly be able to entertain your guests any more. You can avoid this with a little pre-planning. Christmas dinner is about a good roast, but there are various other preparations that can be done a day before.

Things that can be prepared earlier:

Roasted potatoes:  This is one of the most surprising dishesoin your menu list and it is possible to prepare them before the big day. Parboiling the potatoes and freezing them will help you start your roasts easily. You can half roast your potatoes in advance so that it needs only re roasting for 20 minutes in a hot oven. But remember to allow the potatoes to cool down fully before freezing them.

Sauces: This is one thing that most people forget in a hurry. So, to avoid the last minute panic, prepare the sauce in advance. Whether the sauce is to be served with bread or any finger food, it can be easily prepared a day before and will still remain fresh for the guest to be served.

Desserts:  Christmas pudding or cakes are something that can be easily made 2 or 3 days before. So, first decide on your dessert, which can be a chocolate cake or a strawberry cheese cake or even a chocolate pudding. Make sure that your desserts don’t require oven space on that big day. Cold desserts can be served straight away and chocolate pudding is also ideal for the celebration.

Recipes that you can prepare on Christmas morning:

Tandoori roast chicken: There is nothing better than a delicious roasted chicken that is properly cooked. This recipe can add to your main dish and it is really hard to go wrong with the basic method. With some light spices, this can be served with Indian stuffed bread or with spicy rice. Remember to keep your oven free as this may take a lot of time to cook.

Fragrant vegetables and cashew biryani:  This recipe is another delicious vegetarian main menu that can be accompanied with any curry. It is ideal for buffet and Christmas feasts. Made with basmati rice and some vegetables and cashew, the item has ingredients that can be easily prepared in advance. For any rice item, make this at home and see your guests drooling for more.

Fried fish curry:  Fish is one of the favorite sea food loved by non-vegetarians, so why not prepare fried fish curry for the dinner menu. You can choose pomfret for the dish. Fried pomfret with homemade masala makes an awesome recipe that is simply irresistible.

So, here we have shared with you some recipe ideas that you can add to your Christmas dinner menu and even prepare a few things in advance. This will help to reduce your stress and you can spend more of your celebration time with your guests.