Essential Winter Care Tips for New Born Baby

Giving birth to a child in winters may call for some extra precautions and care to make sure that the little one stays fit and healthy during this sensitive time of the year. Although keeping the child inside the home is what our elders usually insist about, there are many times when you might have to take your baby outside with you.

Whatever may be the scenario, with the right winter health and safety tips you can surely keep your child fit and fine.

Read on to know about them! baby in winter clothes


When it comes to baby clothing in winters, it becomes extremely important to not overdo it. Dress up your new born in soft and cosy woolens so that they remain absolutely comfortable. While you have to ensure that the baby is warm during the harsh winters, it does not necessarily mean that over bundling the little one is required. So, consider the atmosphere and do not over bundle your little bundle of joy.

2.Feed the Baby on Time:

Feeding your little one on time is extremely important. Feeding the baby naturally boosts your baby’s immunity and helps in their proper growth and development.

3.Use Cover up Blankets:baby in blanket

While stepping out with your baby, always make sure that your child is wrapped properly in a high quality cover up blanket. When tucking your little one in the blanket, keep in mind that the blanket should not go higher than the shoulder and arm pit of the baby, otherwise it might cover the baby’s mouth and result in suffocation.

4. Take them out in sunlight:

Coming of winters does not mean that you should keep your baby confined to the interiors of your home. Take your little one out in sunlight and dab a little sunscreen on any parts that might be exposed, especially the cheeks as they are highly prone to sunburn due to high sensitivity. However, make sure that you choose a safe and pediatrician recommended sunscreen for your child.

5.Regular Massage:  baby massage

An essential part of new born baby care is massaging. This not only helps in improving the blood flow, but also helps in building the immunity of the child. You may use any renowned baby oil from one of the popular baby brands or can even try a little mustard (sarson) oil as it warms the body.

6. Check water-temperature before making the child bathe

One of the most important winter safety tips for baby is to always check the water temperature before bathing the child. For doing so, you may go for a thermometer which will help you test the water temperature in an easy manner.