Etiquette of Being a Good Guest When Visiting New Parents

Your close relative or friend has a newborn and you are eagerly waiting to visit. You want to meet the little bundle of joy and make the new parents feel supported, loved and forever grateful. But the question is, whether your friend or relative wants to get a bunch of visitors and are they terrified about the thought? What they don’t need are guests who are ill-equipped, irresponsible and unaware of the etiquettes of visiting a new baby. In this article we will discuss some tips and suggestions that will make the new parents comfortable and happy.

guest with ne born baby

The postpartum period is the most important time when families need support. So, it is important to be a considerate and gentle visitor who cares for the family’s needs first so that they are appreciated and remembered for years to come.

Make a call before visiting: Making a call ahead will allow the new mom to decide when she would like the visitors. Showing up unannounced will probably disturb the schedule when baby needs to be with their moms and on the breast to establish good breast milk supply. You can send a card or a message congratulating the new parents and mention that you would love to meet the new baby and wait for an invitation.

Do not visit if you are sick: When visiting a mom and a newborn baby, make sure that you are in good health. Babies are at a risk of infections, so it is better to maintain a distance from the baby. Don’t pick the baby unless you are invited to do so and wash your hands first before holding the baby and never kiss the baby on the face or lips as this may transfer germs very easily.

Bring a gift: Ask the mom what she needs or check her purchases. Gifts need not always be a surprise. It has to be a good one that is useful. You can text or email ahead to ask what you need to pick from the store. If you have time in hand, then prepare a dish that can be frozen easily and carry it in disposable casserole so that new parents don’t have to wash and return the casseroles to you.

Respect the mother’s privacy: If you find that it’s time for the mother to breastfeed her baby, then be sure to ask if she wants to be left alone during feeding. Don’t assume that the new mom is comfortable with nursing in front of others.

Be an extra pair of helping hands: Newborn babies create a lot of mess and their moms may hardly have time and energy for cleaning. So, if you notice any pile of clean clothes that needs to be folded, then fold the laundry or give the kitchen a quick wipe down.

Keep the visit short and quiet: Remember that it can be a difficult task for the mom to ask you to leave once you are there even when she truly needs some privacy to nurse or pump. Keep your visit short and quiet so that they don’t feel disturbed.


The first few weeks after childbirth is the most emotional and vulnerable times in a new mother’s life and this is the time when they need support and help from others. So, while paying a visit to a brand new mom and baby, maintain the few etiquette rules to make them feel comfortable and happy.