Health and Fitness

Having a child is no excuse for being lazy or ignorant when it comes to your fitness and health. In fact, exercising or taking some time out for workouts is extremely important for every woman, whether or not she has kids. It does not only make you look great, but is also acts as a stress buster for many!

Mother’s Zone shares some must-follow tips on staying healthy after having kids. So, just take some time out of your busy schedule and brace yourself to bring out the best in you!

MotherSpare some time for yourself alone:

Now, whether you need to wake up a bit earlier than what you do on a regular basis, or need to stop watching your favourite television serial – you should definitely take some time out for yourself on a daily basis if being fit is on your to do list! There is no denying the fact that scheduling time for workout and actually doing it is perhaps the hardest part of staying fit. So, all you need to do is to start by taking a little time out for yourself in the very beginning, and gradually you can increase the duration. It is also important to set realistic goals, and not to be very harsh on yourself.

Playing with kids can help too!:

When you have kids you can take the advantage of playing with them. This is no less than a workout. Plan outdoor games like football, volley ball, badminton, etc. with your children and count them as a workout. One of the most amazing fitness tips for women could be doing brisk walking or biking with their kids on a regular basis.

Enjoy ‘at-home’ workout:

MummyRemember those ‘Shilpa Shetty Yoga DVDs’ that you bought long time back? Just put them to use and try working out at home. As a matter of fact, in this day and age where YouTube videos rule, you can just put your laptop or tablet on and log on to YouTube for some easy to do at-home workout videos! Acting as one of the simplest ways to stay fit, these videos can help you a lot if you wish to stay in shape without having to spend a fortune on gyms.


Keep a check on that binge eating!:

Leave the junk food and stop munching those namkeen and sev puri every now and then! Keep a check on your binge eating habit if you actually wish to be in the best form. A few handfuls here and a few mouthfuls there can result in uninvited tires on your tummy. So restrain yourself from eating even when you are not hungry!

Fire that inefficient and lazy House Maid!:


Are you tired of cribbing over the fact that your house maid is lazy and inefficient? Well, guess what? You can ask her to leave and take the household chores under your control! This will not only help you keep your home the way you want, but will also help you to stay in shape. From washing clothes, to cooking food and doing that floor cleaning, everything requires some great efforts. So, when you put those efforts on cleaning your home and keeping it pristine, you are actually doing a favour on yourself too by working out in disguise. What’s more? You save money too! That is what we call ‘smart workout’! Isn’t it?

So, don’t wait any more and try these fitness tips for mothers that have been introduced to you by the panel of fitness and health experts at Mother’s Zone! You can even write to us for some more tips and ideas on being a fit and healthy mum!