How Indian Housewives Can Remain Fit and Healthy

In today’s busy and hectic schedules, Indian women, from housewives to corporate honchos live a life at breakneck speeds. They have a routine that runs from morning 9 to 7 in the evening and has various roles to play throughout the time. Many people might think that a housewife enjoys plenty of free time and can relax at home, but this is not actually true as they play roles that are slightly trickier and are left with very little time for them.

fit housewives

The day you plan for a visit to the gym, your little one has flu and you are restricted from going out of the home for a couple of days. Many times it may happen that once you plan for a routine, something or the other goes wrong at home and you are either busy with the plumber or doing some home cleaning job or etc.

So here in this article, we will discuss with you a few tips that can keep you fit and healthy and does not need a specific routine or time schedule to do it.

The process of weight gain is gradual and often slow, but the effects of extra body weight can have a devastating effect on the entire family health in long term.

Healthy diet: Most of the time housewives do not have their breakfast, which is absolutely mandatory to stay healthy. Having a proper and healthy diet in the morning is essential as there is a long break after the dinner. Don’t add heavy calorie food, instead try some fruits, oatmeal. Avoid taking oily food anytime of the day and strictly say no to unhealthy snacks. Add more vegetables, sprouts and fruits to your diet to remain fit and fine.

Exercise anytime of the day: Do not stick to a strict exercise routine as it may not be possible always. If you have a dedicated schedule planned for morning workouts , be open to do it any time of the day. Make up your mind that you will hit the gym anytime whenever you have some time in hand. If you have to pick up your kids from the bus stop, then start 45 minutes earlier and visit the gym before picking them. Sit ups, skipping ropes can help you a lot.

Get rid of sweets: Children love to eat delicious desserts, but prepare something that is healthy for yourself as well as your entire family. Check the internet for some health recipes that are not laden with sugar or fat.

Avoid beverages: Liquid refreshment is much needed to stay hydrated, but try to avoid beverages that contain sugar in them. Instead, increase your water intake as it will help you to stay hydrated. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep healthy.

More sleep: Sleeping an hour more will help you to lose about six kilograms in a year. Sleeping more often means less consumption of snacks and this is an effortless way of reducing your calorie intake. The results may vary from person to person, but the fact is that insufficient sleep often increases your appetite and you tend to eat more.

Green tea: Drinking green tea is a good idea for weight loss. Studies have shown that green tea speeds up the calorie burning process due to the presence of phytochemicals called Catechins. Drink refreshing beverage that contains no calories at all.

So if you want to stay fit and healthy, then do not forget to follow the above mentioned tips as they will help you to maintain your overall health and stay fit forever!


Maintaining the body weight is very important for housewives as they usually ignore their health due to various engagements. Instead of planning out a strict diet and exercise schedules, try some important tips that can keep you fit and healthy always.