How to Tackle your Child’s Irregular Sleeping Pattern

Parents are often troubled when their wards consistently get insufficient sleep despite all their efforts. Since a good REM cycle is imperative for every child, you need to dig deeper and get to the bottom of the matter. Your child could be anxious about a situation, troubled or even exhausted physically that could attribute to insomnia.

If you are worried about sleeping disorders in children – causes, symptoms and solutions can help you cope with the condition successfully.

Sleep Disorder


The Usual Causes for Lack of Sleep

  • Newborn babies commonly have troubled slumber when they have sudden tummy pain or colic. An upset stomach because of fresh milk or a change in diet could also cause restlessness and crankiness.
  • Toddlers who are three to four years of age may start to get cranky if they suddenly have a new bed or are settled to sleep alone in a different room. They tend to bawl and get cranky as well for they wish to be coddled.
  • However, there could also be some sinister reasons behind the lack of sleep. For instance a slight blockage in the airway can cause lack of a restful slumber, as could engorged adenoids.
  • Acid reflux due to being put to bed right after a meal can also be a reason.

In case you’re unsure about the reason causing your toddlers changed REM pattern, it would be wise to visit a doctor for getting a polysomnography.

Symptoms that Indicate an Altered Sleeping Pattern

  • Inability to doze off despite of apparent tiredness
  • Frequent snores or subconsciously stopping normal breathing
  • Restless slumber, bad dreams and incessant twitching
  • Abnormal sleep walking
  • Frequent yawning and lethargy can also indicate sleep loss

child sleep


Solutions to Encourage Sound Slumber

  • It is best to avoid a heavy dinner and give your child a light supper 6 hours prior to their bed time.
  • Engage your child in a pleasant fairy tale before sleeping to ward off bad dreams.
  • You can give your perky toddlers a soothing bath in lukewarm water right before tucking them in.
  • If the problem persists, you can attempt to create a cozier bedroom ambiance with dark drapes and a minimum noise level.
  • Over excited children need to engage in some light activities after supper to tire them out sufficiently.

Children need nine hours of sound slumber without which there is insufficient body and mind development. Using these solutions will help you ensure your children get the sleep they desperately need.