How to Teach Teens Their Responsibilities in Life

Every parent loves their children and from their birth to age 18 years, parents usually do everything to make them learn simple things. As they learn and develop, they should also understand their own responsibilities as it is an important part to the path of young adulthood. Many parents often complaint the fact that their teens are irresponsible and the words “How many times I have to tell you…..?” have become their main vocabulary. You will keep on repeating these words, yet they will never be heard by your teenager. The sad fact is that you will lay down laws more often not be followed by your teens.


Responsibility is not a lesson that can be taught to your children through lectures. It is something that they can learn while growing and experiencing. So how do parents help their teenagers to be appropriately responsible? In this article we will discuss a few tips that can help you to teach your teen how to be liable.

Set expectations: Teenagers are not very good decision makers and study has revealed that they lack brain connectivity to make decisions on critical thinking levels that mature adults do. Since the brain is still growing based on the environment they live, it still needs to be taught responsibility. So the best thing to do is to set expectations and let your teen know what is expected from his or her. Make sure that the expectations are reasonable. This is the first step towards accountability.

Offer alternatives: Life is all about choices, so help your teens to realize this by getting them involved in household decisions. Whether it is about buying a new household appliance or about planning a vacation ask them their views and give them a sense of responsibility. Allow them to decide on chores list, recreation ideas and menu plans.

Let there be consequences: Teenagers can be responsible in the same way as adults learn to be responsible. We learn simply because we are aware of the real consequences of being irresponsible. Similarly, your teens will also learn, so don’t protect them from any consequences. If they have not finished their assignment, let them face the punishment and don’t help them out.

Make a list of chores: Your teens may hate your lectures on everything. So make a list of things that they should do and this is a great way to assign responsibility. Discuss the list and the work assigned to each member of the family and place it somewhere prominent. Such work may not always be fun for teens, but they should understand that it is part of their lives.

Help them to set goals: Talk to your teenage kids and try to have a good communication with them. Talk to them about their long term plans and what they want to achieve in life. Help them to take small steps keeping in mind the big picture. Help them to set goals in life and take the responsibility to fulfill them.


Parents should take the opportunity to help their teenage kids understand their responsibility. It is by guiding these young adults properly, motivating them to do certain chores and making them aware of the very real consequences of being irresponsible, you can teach them to become responsible in life.