Keep Your Kids Healthy During Winter Season with Some Practical Tips

With the mercury levels dropping and the days getting chilly, it is time for parents to become more concerned about their children’s health and guarantee that they don’t fall sick easily. Kids often have to make their rounds to school and homes during this winter season of the year and usually become victims of new viruses.


The sight of kids with a mask on their face is sure to send a quick shiver down any mom’s spine. But there are great means by which you can easily hang onto good health in spite of the great winter challenges. Let’s take a look at some of the tips:

Wash hands regularly: Viruses and bacteria can be easily removed by frequently washing the hands. Most kids are notoriously slow in this task. But this is a popular suggestion that your kids should wash their hands for at least 30 seconds before eating their food. Ask them to wash their fingernails as that’s where germs remain.

Stop sharing food or drinks: As parents, it is your duty to encourage kids to share, but ask them not to apply this rule when it comes to their food. Most kids love to share their lunch box with their friends and while sharing they also transfer germs to others. Explain your children that when it is about food and drinks, they should keep it to themselves to keep healthy.

Increase immunity by eating healthy: Immune boosting drinks and foods can keep their body well-nourished and when viruses strike the body, it becomes difficult for them to attack. Serve your kids with foods like fresh juices, foods that are packed with vitamin C like oranges or pomegranate and add garlic and ginger to food as they help to keep the body warm.

Reduce sugar intake: Ask your kids to reduce the intake of sugar as it decreases the immune response and increases systemic inflation. Chronic inflammation may be the root cause of various diseases and your child may catch flu and cold easily if they don’t reduce their sugar intake.


Sleep properly: Sleep is the best means to repair your body and heal it. Make sure that your children get enough sleep during the winter season. Children should have a minimum of 10 to 13 hours of sleep each day so that their immune system becomes stronger and is able to fight against any germs.

Keep warm: Another most important thing that parents should take care of is that their kids are dressed properly during this season. Jackets, gloves and socks are important clothing that can help your kids to remain warm and protect them against the cold weather outside.

Play indoors: If the weather outside is very cold, then make certain arrangements so that your kids can play indoors and keep themselves warm. Since winter is the time when kids are more prone to flu and cold viruses, change your child’s play schedule accordingly to help him or her stay protective and healthy during the winter season.


Winter is the time when little kids often fall sick and their body becomes very prone to cold and flu. Following some important tips can keep them healthy and protected through the entire season.