Kid’s Bedroom Decoration

Creative and innovative ideas to style up your kid’s bedroom

Amusing designDecorating your child’s room is one of the most exciting and overwhelming projects a parent has to deal with. As a parent, one must be able to reflect the child’s taste in the room as well as create a style that will last for a few years at least. The problem with designing child’s bedrooms is that they grow up really fast and so does their taste. Therefore, it becomes necessary to find something universal that will last for a long time and keep their interest in the room alive.

Different themes for kids’ rooms

The project of designing your child’s room begins with brainstorming for ideas, narrowing down to a few good ones and then finding that perfect idea that will work best for your home and your child. Kids usually love cartoon characters, concepts from movies, cars, princesses, etc. as their bedroom themes. If you want to be a little creative and make a unique theme for your child, read on to get some ideas on designing a mesmerising bedroom.

kids room decoration Space and stars room

When kids start going to school, they discover the different elements of the world like stars, planets and galaxies. Most kids are simply fascinated by space. This usually occurs around the age of five but it differs from child to child and the interest level can last for a few years. Therefore, this is a great theme, especially for boys who are interested in science. Purchase products that match the theme and have designs that reflect space, planets, spaceships, astronauts, universe, etc. You can buy accessories of the room in the same theme as well. For e.g. a lamp with hanging planets will go brilliantly with the theme, bed sheets with space patterns can blend in smoothly. You can also paint pictures of the planets on one of the walls.

traditional kidsEnchanted forest kids bedroom

Kids are always amazed by animals and have a strange bond with them. They are not scared of animals at a young age and therefore, this is a great age to develop a room with a forest theme. You can go for a rainforest theme, an animals based theme or a tree-focused theme depending on your liking. You can look for jungle themed wallpapers, jungle themed rugs, clocks, etc. You can even enhance the look with accessories like snakes, frogs or other creatures. Curtains are another element that can be seamlessly integrated into the theme.

colorful theme for kids bedroomA Colourful Circus theme

Children are fascinated by the circus and its characters. You can bring alive the excitement in their own bedroom by using wallpapers, paintings, beds, curtains, etc. that gel well with the circus theme. This is a great theme if your child loves colourful and vibrant objects. You can use jugglers, animals and jokers in different accessories of the room to elevate the circus theme and make it a perfect ring for enjoyment!

Decorating your child’s room may seem like a tough task at the beginning but with the right idea and a thoughtful execution, you will definitely enjoy doing this project and when you see your child ecstatic in the room every day, all the efforts will be worth it!