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showposterWe, as children, loved poems! Didn’t we? We really did! And, the same goes for our children. Believe it or not, the rhyming sentences, the underlying meanings and the urge to speak those difficult Hindi words with greatest ease – we used to enjoy it all, and so do our children!

Considering all these points, we have come up with this ‘Hindi Poems’ section that comprises of some great additions – from the most loved classic Hindi poems that will inspire your little one, to the patriotic ones that will arouse that undying love towards their nation, you will find them all at Mother’s Zone.

Browse our free online poems resource which helps children to get acquainted with the popular poems written by the nation’s most renowned poets. Suitable for children of all ages and varied personality traits, the poems vary from fun and exciting, to solemn and thought provoking. These poems will surely click the poet in your child and trigger thoughts that go beyond the ordinary.

Stimulate the love for the National Language in your kid

In this day and age, where English has become a buzzword and has influenced every sphere of the present day world, Hindi is gradually seen losing its charm. We wish to keep the love for the wonderful Hindi language intact in the hearts of the denizens and wish to stimulate the same love in your children.

With rhyming words that add magic to the poems, it becomes all the more easy for the kids to get familiar with the fundamentals of the beautiful language. It is our sincere effort to help parents and their little ones to learn Hindi in a fun way through these interesting poems.

Learn, recite and have fun!

Learn the timeless Hindi poems that would be always with us, and let them nurture the purity of childhood that your child is blessed with. Recite these poems with your little one and give wings to their dreams and boost their imagination and creativity, like never before!

Give your child a world where they can wander happily – a world where they can make their life vibrant and motivated.

Explore our database and uplift your spirit as well as inspire your child to read more often and recite more poems on a regular basis. Enjoy being a kid again with your little one and have fun while learning, reciting and appreciating these superb Hindi poems.