Make Your Phone a Personal Safety Device with Popular Apps

Women SafetyEarlier it used to work like this: My parents suggested me to join a self defense course before I moved out to a new city for further studies. I would also carry a pepper spray in my hand bag and often feel safe with it. But do you think mishappenings will warn you before coming? Or will you have enough time to take out your spray? Thinking this, a chill of shiver would run through my spine whenever I had to walk through a lonely parking lot or a quite lane sometime late at night.

But with technology developing at a rapid pace and women embracing it in day to day life, things have changed a lot. Today, impressive safety technologies are there that can easily draw the bystander’s attention; track your location through GPS and even automatically record videos to capture proof of the crime. Sounds safe isn’t it? Yes, there are apps, that won’t stop tragedies, but can act as effective tools needed to send an alert to your know ones or authorities who can help faster during crucial moments.

Let’s discuss some important women’s safety applications that can be a life-saver.

Nirbhaya- Be fearless: This app allows the user to send a sms alert easily or make a call with a single touch during emergency. When activated, the GPS is on and it can send your location to the pre-selected contacts with every 300 meters you move. Some other features include “shake to alert” to send any distress signal and “Geo Fence that keeps your contacts informed about your location.

Guardly:  This free application is a personal safety service that immediately connects you with authorities or network during an emergency. It allows the user to place a phone call to the contacts with the name, type of emergency and current location.

Circle of 6: It is a unique women safety app that connects you with 6 close contacts. It has different notifications that can be used to send alerts. If you want to avoid a strange environment and need help from a familiar face, then this service can send alerts to any on the 6 chosen contacts. It can also be used to call two national hotlines or local emergency numbers when in distress.

Watch over me: This is very useful when you are travelling alone. You can set the time of tracking your GPS location until you reach your destination. In case you fail, it automatically sends an emergency alert to your chosen contacts. Shaking the phone will also trigger an emergency alert and the phone’s camera will turn on and start recording.

Woman safety shield: This women safety app helps you to take photos as evidence and send it to emergency contacts with your current location. It also has a “Walk with Me” function that allows your selected contacts to keep track of your location and whereabouts. It provides a list of police stations and hospitals in your location.

Thus, the good news is that you can easily turn your mobile device into a powerful personal device with great applications and remain safe.