My Baby Shower Preparations!

Happiness and care, this is what pregnancy is all about! I am in my 30th week of pregnancy and will be having my baby shower soon. It is time for me to prepare for the baby shower and make another wonderful memory with my loved ones.

I am extremely happy with my pregnancy, and the mere thought of a new life entering into my world in a few months, makes me absolutely delighted. In order to celebrate the arrival of a new member in our family, I, along with my mother & sister, have baby_shower-300x300decided to arrange a baby shower. It would be great to get excellent pregnancy advice and baby care tips from my close ones, besides celebrating happiness with them! We are just waiting for the moment to come!

My best friend is going to host the event, and she is as excited as I am! Actually I was the one who did all the preparations on her baby shower and got praises from everybody who was around! So, she is glad to be a part of my baby shower and wants to put in her best efforts to make the event a success!

We have decided to invite my relatives and friends through handmade baby shower invitations. For this, we have got all the stuff, and will be beginning with the process later this week. It will take a couple of days and we will get ready with the unique and personalised invitations for our loved ones!

For the menu, my mother and husband have advised us to go for food that is easy to prepare and has a variety of nibbles. Mini cheese and vegetable tarts, sausage rolls, chicken salad sandwiches, homemade Neapolitan pizzas, fruit salad, quiche, chocolate brownies, juice, and the like, are on the list.

I am also thinking to arrange for a couple of games so that everyone can have a fun time together. I am hoping that games like Guess the Gerber, Pins in Rice, Dirty Diapers, etc. will bring laughter and enjoyment in the event. I will discuss this with my younger sister and will finalise the games that should be included in the event.

Also, my husband has brought in some delectable dark chocolate bars and molasses chips for the guests. We will be wrapping them over and will hand them to the guests in some amazing looking goody bags. What else could be a better token of love for those who will take time out from their busy schedules, just for us! I believe this would be the nicest option! The planning is all done. Now, it is the time to implement what’s been scheduled and work on these things!

Contributed by:

Anita Sharma