Parenting Tips to Nurture the Sibling Bond Positively

When I was four and a half years old, my parents introduced my younger sister and my only sibling to me. It was clear from an early age that I was quiet and she was chatty, I was timid and she was bossy. But somehow we learned to accept each other from a very young age and this created the most balanced relationship between us. Now that we are hundreds of miles apart and are not able to physically see each other for most of the day, yet we feel more connected and still know that she is always there for me.


Having two or more kids is a great experience, but at times the bond is not so pleasant, they argue, have trouble sharing things and are willing to do activities that only they find interesting. A sibling relationship is often the most important and the longest relationships a person has in life. To ensure that it is a positive one, here we share kid tested tips and parenting solutions that can help your children bond well.

Teach respect and encourage understanding:  Teach your kids that they should have respect for each other. Help them to understand the differences in their behavior and encourage acceptance. Listening is a great way to show respect. Teach them that they should treat each other with kindness and show concern for their feelings.

Play together: Playing together with your kids as a family will help them to learn to value family and also their siblings. Dedicated family playtime will lead to a healthier relationship between your kids. Remember that as they grow, your involvement in play will reduce. It is better to put efforts early so that they can play together when alone.

Don’t compare: Try not to company your kids as it is a sure means to strike the fires of sibling rivalry. It will not only build resentment, but will also weaken the bond between them and this may have great negative effects on further relationship.



Going on outings: Spending a lot of time together with the whole family will help your children have many experiences. It will create memories for a lifetime and great “remember when” opportunities. It is a wonderful way for siblings to bond closely.

Teach good manners: Many parents are often inclined to their younger ones and often excuse their misbehavior simply because they are small. This approach actually backfires. It makes the younger one believe that he or she can always rule the older one making the older child resentful. Instead of overlooking, guide both the kids to behave properly and politely.

Emphasize on family bonds: Explain your kids that family and especially siblings offer unconditional love and support that cannot be matched with anything else. Help them understand that the relationship will become important as they grow up. This is a message that should be repeated by parents so that the kids realize it as they grow.


Whatever differences are there between siblings, the quality of their bonds can really matter a lot in life. By encouraging family activities together, teaching them have respect and concern for one another and helping them to accept each other differences positively will help to develop a good and loving relationship.