Popular Indian Baby Boy Names of 2017

Most Popular Expected Baby Names

Baby boy namesWith 2017 bringing all its excitement in our life, we know that it will come up with great baby names in both the old and the new forms. If people have already started to ask you whether you have decided a name for your newborn baby, then we are sure that you are offered a lot of suggestions from everywhere. But are you looking for something unique, modern and special for your baby?

Choosing a perfect baby boy name 2017 may be a nerve racking process that drives many expectant mothers crazy. Well, no more worries because we have a real treat for you!

Mothers Zone has come up with the list of unique Hindu baby boy names that are chosen based on the latest trends. It is suggested that 2017 expects more Indian baby names that defy convention, have unique spellings and are also nontraditional gender identities. Even parents love the names from a range of fresh resources based on mythology, spiritual beliefs and even popular heroes that embody power.

So, here is our latest baby boy names for 2017.

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Most Popular & Trendy Baby Boy Names
Boy's Name Meaning Boys's Name Meaning
Abhisar Companion Mahin The Earth
Advay Unique Malank King
Agniv Bright as light Maulik Precious
Amolik Priceless Medhansh Born With Intelligence
Amolik Priceless Mishal Parables / Governing
Anay Names of Lord Vishnu Mudit Pleased
Anvay Joined/Integration Narsi Saint
Arhant Destroyer of Enemies Nehan Affectionate
Arin Full of Joy Netik Excellent
Aviral Continous Nirav Silent / Quiet
Avirat Continuous Nirek Superior
Avyan No Imperfections Nirvan Bliss / Liberation
Bhavin Winner Oisin Divine
Bitan Spread Ojayit Courageous
Charvik Intelligent Onir Shining
Chiman Curious Oviyan Artist
Chirush God Parinay Bond of Love
Chitrank A Moon Pavas Wind
Cyril Lordly Pradyun Radiant
Dainin Great Patience Prajwat First Ray
Damian Tamer Prayan Supreme Intelligence
Darshit Seen Raunit Shining / Glowing
Devaj Gift from God Reyaansh Ray of Light
Devak Divine Ridhaan Searcher
Dhairya Courage Rimon Name of a Fruit
Digant Horizon Ripudaman Killer of Enemies
Dinar Gold Coin Rishik Lord Shiva
Divit Immortal Rivan A Star
Drishyam Sight Scenery Rovin/Pleasure
Ehaan Full Moon Rushil Charming
Eijas Blessings Sadhiv Eternal
Eklavya Character from the Epic The Mahābhārata Sanav The Sun
Elesh King Sarvin God of Love
Elsin Handsome Shivansh Part of Shiva
Enakshit Eyes of a Deer Svanik Handsome
Eric One Taarank Part of Star
Eshin Understanding Mind Tahil Royal Son of Jaya
Faiz Gain / Victorious Taksh Eyes Like a Pigeon
Fariel Star Tanish Ambition
Ganik Flower Tavish Heaven
Ganprit Lord Toyesh Lord of Water
Girvaan Language of God Trihaan Bundle of Joy
Gishi Respected Person Udant Correct Message
Grithvik Mountains Udhyan Garden
Hansin The Universal Soul Udrek Superiority
Haransh Part of God Udyot Shining
Havish Lord Shiva Ujaas Light
Hemal Golden King Upraj King of Proximity
Hemang One With Shining Body Urnik Different
Hemayu One With A Long Life Vadish Lord of Body
Hemil Gold Vaydeesh God of The Vedas
Hridyanshu Light From Heart Viaan Full of Life
Ibhan Lord Ganesha Vidit Lord Indra / Famous
Iraj Lord Hanuman Viom Sky
Ishit Who Desires to Rule Virat Brilliant / Magestic
Ishrat Affection / Happiness Vivan Full of Energy
Isuka Arrow Wisah Faith
Itish Lord Wridhi Achievement
Jash Good Wishes Yashin Peace
Jashith Protector Yashmit Famed
jayrit Lord Shiva Yug Form of Time
Kairav White Lotus Yunay Another Name of Lord Ganesh
Kanishk Ancient King Yuvan Youthful
kauser Lake of Paradise Zahir Shining / Radiant
Kautik Joy Zenil To Be Responsible
Kavin Handsome Zian Self Peace
Keyur Gold on Krishna Hand
kiaan Ancient King
Koshin A Delicate Bud
Laharish Son of Sea
Leher Wave
Linoy Perfect
Lishan Tongue / Language
Liyan Cute


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