Popular Indian Baby Girl Names of 2017

Most Popular and Unique Baby Girl Names

Baby girl namesThe name that you choose for your daughter will help to shape the woman she will become in future. With suggestions pouring from all the corners, selecting unique baby names may be a difficult task. But how about deciding the name for your newborn baby girl all by yourself?

After a thorough research on the latest trends, Mothers Zone has come up with a list of Indian baby girl names that are based on popularity stats, traditional beliefs and trendy categories that parents are looking for. Here you will find Hindu baby girl names for your child that are based on favorite fictional or literary character that are meaningful and have the power to inspire. We believe that our new baby girl names 2017 list contains some great gems that you will surely want to add to your shortlist.

We predict latest baby girl names that are fresh and unique and are a perfect mix of creative and classic. Their true beauty lies in their inner meaning. We are sure that our list contains something for everyone and it is definitely worth taking a look at our top baby girl names for 2017.

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Most Popular & Trendy Baby Girl Names
Girl Names Meaning Girl Names Meaning
Aaaral Flower Kamya Capable
Aadriti Goddess Lakshmi Kannika Beautiful
Aahana First Rays of The Sun Kanushi Beloved of Lord Krishna
Aarvi Peace Kashvi Shining
Aashika One Without Sorrow Keerat One Who Sings Glories of God
Abhinithi Friendship Kesha Favorite
Adhika More Koushiki Goddess Durga
Adrienne Sea Krithika Well Starred
Advika Unique Krystle Pure / Shining
Aishna Beloved Kyra Lord
Akshara Letter Laharika Waves of Ocean
Alankrita Sense / Decorated Lavangi Apsara
Alvira Dearly Loved Lavanya Grace / Beauty
Amaanya Unacceptable / Unknown Lumbika A Musical Instrument
Amaira Princess Maliha Strong / Beautiful
Amvi Goddess Maliha Strong  /  Beautiful
Anika Goddess Durga Marushika Born With The Blessing of Lord Shiva
Anokhi Unique / Different Mauli God 's Name
Aria Singer / A Melody Mihika Dew Drops
Arshia Heavenly Misha God Like
Ashika No Sorrows Mishti Sweetness
Atikha Peace Naisha Special
Avishi Earth / River Nalika Lotus
Bhoomija Born From the Earth navika New
Bhrithi Nourished / Strenghtened Nirvi Bliss
Bhuvika Heaven Nitya Eternal
Bhuwi Heaven Nyra Beauty of Goddess Saraswati
Brishti Rain ojasvi Bright
casper The Treasurer Olivia Symbol of Peace
Charika Cheerful / Friendly Omisha Goddess of Life And Death
Cheshta Endeavour Onella Light
Chitrakshi Owner of Beautiful Eyes Oyeshee Divine / Rose
Cyanea Sky Blue Palakshi White
Deenal Sweet Girl Panvi God / Festival
Deleena Good Looking Parajika A Raagini
Diksha Consecration / Initiation Paridhi Limit
Divija Born in Heaven Parnika A Small Leaf
Drisana Daughter of Sun Preya Beloved
Druhi Daughter Punarvi Reborn
Edina Wealthy Friend Raima Pleasing
Elakshi Woman With Bright Eyes Ramitha Pleasing
Elina Pure / Intelligent Ranya Pleasant
Erin Beauty Ridhim Full of Passion
Erisha Smooth Speech Rishika Saintly
Evani The Earth / Alive Ruhanika Love / Harmony
Falak Heaven Ruhi Spritual
Farzin Wise / Intelligent Saanjh Evening
Fiza Soothing Breeze Seerat Wisdom
Fulki Spark Shaili Style
Garima Warmth Sherina Spritually Intense
Gauhar Pearl Sonarika As Precious As Gold
Gavya God's Garden Takira Goddess Durga
Girika Summit of A Mountain Tanvi Beautiful
Giva Hill Tashi Prosperity
Gunika Garland Tiya Parrot
Hanika Droplet Tyra Untamed
Harseerat God's Wisdom Ukti Part of Speech
Harshali Happiness Umali Enchantress
Havya Beautiful Umika Parvati
Hetakshi Lovely Eyes Urshila Outstanding
Hiral Wealthy Vanitha Lady
Hridyesha Heart Varini Rich in Gifts
Iha The Earth / Desire Veronica Honest Image
Ikshana Sight Vinaya Humble
Ilisha Queen of The Earth Viyomi Sky
Inika Little Earth Vrinda Goddess Radha
Ishanvi Goddess Parvati Vritti Nature
Ishika Sacred Vrushika Rashi
Ishira Fire / Active / God Yaksini Prayer
Ishya Spring Yami Pair
Jagvi Wordly Yamika Night
Janavika One Who Thinks of The Welfare of Others Yashi Fame
Jayna Victory Yutika Multitude / Flower
Jenisha Superior Person Zain Good Light
Jenya True Zoya Alive

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