Tips to Raise your Daughter to be a Confident Woman with a Never Say Die Attitude

Girls tend to face a lot of social pressure and are subjected to stigma from the society on a number of matters. Today, parents have to make a conscious effort to boost their daughter’s self esteem and raise them to be strong women who can hold their own in society. A few of these parenting tips can help you raise your girls to be confident adults who make all the right choices.

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1.Instill Strong Values

It is crucial that you instill strong values in your child during the early years. A background of sound moral education will be the only thing guiding your daughter when she has to make decisions by herself as an adult. Early lessons of honesty and uprightness can give your daughter a strong sense of self worth that can be invaluable later in life.

  1. Create an Atmosphere of Acceptance

Gone are the days when girls were put down when they came up to parents with goals of a high education or a mainstream career. It is important to encourage girls and let them know that you support them no matter what. When she expresses her goals and desires, listen kindly and be prepared to accept them, help her achieve them.


  1. Be Encouraging yet Conservative

Today parents must inspire their girls to live a liberal lifestyle that is guided by strong but positive choices. You can start by letting her pick out the kind of clothes she would like to wear. At the same time it would be wise to give her your two cents on the mindset of the society so that she knows what to expect from other people.

  1. Promote Freedom of Thought and Opinion

It is crucial that you ensure your daughter knows that there are no bounds to her thoughts and ambitions. Let her know that she must voice her thoughts and opinions freely, even when faced with doing so in front of peers. This is important for several adults she comes across may intend to prey on her vulnerability. Promoting an open dialogue will persuade her to voice her trouble so you can guide her in tough scenarios and stand up for her.

As parents you owe it to the apple of your eye to be supportive and create the right environment at home. Growing up in an accepting home can do wonders to boost your child’s self-respect; equipping her to deal with the many trials life poses.