Child Discipline Methods

disciplineHave you ever met a child who is not disciplined by their parents? If yes, then you have already seen the stark difference and have realised the importance of child discipline.

Child discipline is one of those basic needs essential for a healthy growth of your child. It is not only important for their well-being, but also helps them in navigating their relationships and cooperating with their surroundings.

At Mothers Zone, we take the initiative to help you know the importance and methods of child discipline.

What happens if children are not disciplined regularly?

Well, if you’re ignoring the role and significance of discipline in your child growth, then it’s time to take this seriously. Here are some of the unhealthy effects of children not disciplined regularly

  • Lacks the ability to face challenges in life.
  • Lacks the ability to regulate negative impulses.
  • Finds it hard to cooperate and be happy.

Methods of child discipline

  • Reward good behaviour

Very often, parents overlook their child’s good behaviour in the process of punishing their bad behaviour. This must not happen and it is important for you to reward your child for his good deeds because positive reinforcement is much more important and effective than negative reinforcement. Different grades must be set for rewarding different good deeds.


  • Be clear about rules and expectations

Your expectations from your kid must be clear and he must be well versed with the rules he need to follow. Discussion of rules only when it is broken will be heard to follow.


  • Maintain consistency

Inconsistency in rules and approaches confuses your children and creates trouble in the family. They fail to realise their limits due to which consistency is vital for marinating child discipline.

  • Be calm and neutralise argument

Sometimes the less you say, the more clear your points become. This is another effective method of child discipline. Do not lose your temper and neutralise the argument to avoid complex situations.


These methods of discipline will help your child to manage emotions and anxiety and also to make good choices.