Positive Parenting

Parenting… The word in itself opens doors to a world that is not only blissful to be in, but which also provides a truly rewarding experience to a couple. Thus, parenthood is what you experience and feel when you see your little one growing with each passing day.

Positive ParentingThe world of parenting entails a wide set of emotional transitions. From being a caretaker to being a mentor, we all need to mould our personalities from time to time. After all, parenting is an art. Isn’t it? To help you master this art, Mother’s Zone brings to you a world of information and knowledge that will certainly benefit you at one stage or the other.

Positive parenting is one such aspect that needs every parent’s consideration and attention. Follow these positive parenting Tips and techniques brought to you from our experts and have a truly blissful parenthood.

  • Set good examples. Be the kind of person you want your child to look up to.
  • Expressing one’s self is necessary. Encourage communication to help your child express their feelings without any apprehension.
  • Don’t ignore the misbehaviours, but correct them quickly and forever.
  • Help your child positively understand how the behaviour they are doing is unwarranted.
  • Take time out for family meetings. They are important, just like your office meetings! And, they foster relationships too!
  • Determine the root-cause of the problems that your child is facing by understanding your child’s personality.
  • Be Authoritative, Not Authoritarian. Because parenting is different from dictatorship!
  • It’s not always – “My way or the highway”. Be supportive and encourage positive participation, at all times.

Being self-conscious is important:

Leading by example is the key to happiness in any relationship. You cannot ask your child to not to be stubborn if you or your spouse are stubborn. So be self-conscious and do a thorough self-evaluation to improve on those negative traits in your personality that your child may be imitating knowingly or unknowingly.

Transparent Communication

It’s all about respect, not fear:

It is extremely important for you to understand that your child cannot learn how to be disciplined and organized for a long run by way of threats or fear. Your child needs to respect you and recognise the various reasons why you are asking him or her to behave in a certain way. Forceful compliance on any subject won’t yield good results. Be respectful and let your child respect you in return.

Appreciation is essential too:

Make sure you appreciate your child whenever he or she does something good. This will make them feel good about themselves and will encourage them to do more good deeds, merely for your praises.

Transparent communication is the need of the hour:

In any relationship, it is highly important to communicate clearly. This holds true for parent-child relationship. Do not forget to express yourself openly and in a transparent manner whenever you feel that your kid has done something bad. Instead of scolding the child straightaway, be polite and sincere in your talks and simply explain why the behaviour of your child was not acceptable.

Child’s NeedsUnderstand your child’s needs:

Good parenting calls for an understanding that is way beyond any state of denial. Acknowledge your child’s emotions and offer all the help you need to let your child come out of a problem. Ensure that you understand the different needs of your child and then do all you can to make them realize if the needs are truly justified or not.

Differentiate between right and wrong considerately:

No child can learn on their own what is right or wrong for them. It is the duty of the parents to make their children understand the difference between right and wrong. Teach your children where does the thin line of appropriateness and inappropriateness lay and how to stay away from wrong deeds in a conscious manner.

Be the information reservoir your child needs:

Inform your child about various things and make them ask questions from you from time to time. Share information and knowledge about different things and make your little one well informed about the world they live in.

 spend time with child

Realize that every child is different:

In numerous positive parenting programs it is being taught that every child has unique traits and personality, and every parent should embrace these traits. Identify the various interests and talents of your child and praise your children’s differences without comparing them with someone else.

Spend some time with your child alone:

Increase the sense of belonging within the family by taking your family out for a dinner occasionally and don’t forget to spend some quality time with your child alone. This will help them recognize the fact that you are there for them and they will feel important & loved – which is extremely crucial for the right development of your child.