Reading to a Baby

Albert Einstein rightly said that “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”
Mother Reading to Baby

No one could have explained it better than the genius himself.

Reading to your child not just improves your little one’s vocabulary and enhance their communication skills, but also gives a boost to their thinking power. Inculcate reading habits in your child at an early age itself and see your kid’s intelligence taking a sharp leap.

Reading aloud:

  • develops the communication skills in your child
  • helps your child to know about the world around them
  • increases the memory of your baby
  • improves the vocabulary and word recognition ability in your baby
  • makes your child aware of numbers, letters, colours, shapes – in an easy and interesting way

There is no denying the fact that reading to babies is absolutely important for parents, and at Mother’s Zone, we strongly recommend all the parents to make reading to their children a habit during their early years.

Give the benefits of reading to your kid and also increase your closeness with your little angel. After all, spending time reading to your baby is time worth spending!

When it comes to reading to your child, it’s never too early. If you are one of those parents who wish their children to be well read and well informed about the world they are a part of, then reading to your baby right from an early age might be on your to-do list!

Mother’s Zone brings some useful information on reading to a baby and what advantages does it actually bring with it.

Mom Reading with Baby


When And How Should You Start Reading To Your Baby

Reading to or reading with your child doesn’t need any special skills or equipment. All it needs is a little time and some good books. Make it a habit to read to your baby, even if you do it for a few minutes. What is important is to understand that reading aloud with your baby is a special way to create a bond and connection that you and your baby need.

The most preferred time that is often selected by parents is the time before taking a nap. This not only lets you cuddle and snuggle your baby to bed, but also builds a bedtime routine.

However, you can also choose to read to your baby at other times of the day. You can go for this activity if your baby is feeling bored or is crying for no reason.

Importance Of Reading To A Baby

There is no denying the fact that when you read to your baby, you are actually laying a foundation on how to teach your child to read. Besides this, reading to your baby also helps in building their vocabulary, improves their communication skills and enlarges tBook for Babyheir vision.

It also lets you introduce your child to the various concepts of stories, letters, numbers, shapes, forms, colours, etc. in a fun manner and makes them understand the world at large. As a matter of fact, studies have revealed that kids who are read to in their early years are more positively inclined to learning how to read at the right time.

When you will witness that your baby can read on their own, you will get the feeling of being a proud parent, for sure. So, skip watching that television for a while and grab a book. Read to your baby and help them in their social and emotional development.

What Types Of Books Are Best For Babies

When it comes to picking the right books for your baby, you can consider the stage they are at. In the initial period of your baby’s development, you can go for such books which have poems and rhymes. You may also pick books that have attention grabbing pictures with bright colours. Thus, story books with pictures can also prove to be a right choice.

As your child grows and develops, you can get some interesting story books with thought-provoking lessons for your child to learn and remember.