Punjab is a land where various traditional and religious festivals are celebrated that reflects the various phases of their life. All the festivals enliven the spirits and relieve you from the monotonous schedule of the regular life. Popular festivals like Lohri, Basant Panchami, Baisakhi, Holi, Gurpurab are celebrated with great pomp and joy.

Lohri, a popular harvest festival of Punjab is dedicated to the Sun god, which brings the entire community together. It marks the highest point in winter and welcomes the arrival of spring and New Year. Celebrated with great fervor by all Punjabis,

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Lohri: A Winter Celebration in Punjab

Baisakhi is a harvest festival, a religious festival of Punjab, they consider it to be the day when their last Guru, Guru Gobind Singh laid the foundation of Khalsa and established that all human beings are equal. The festival of Baisakhi is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the state of Punjab to mark the harvest of the Rabi crops.

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Baisakhi Festival: A Harvest, Religious and New Year Celebration All In One


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