Easy Steps to Do a Pedicure At Home

Every woman desires to have beautiful and shiny feet so that they can slip into stylish slippers and flaunt them. Many women think that taking care of feet means visiting the parlor and having a foot massage or spending lots of money. But to tell the truth, it’s always not so.


You can easily take care of your feet even at home and prepare yourself for any big event even without hitting the parlor. A little pampering on a regular basis will make your feet feel relaxed and appear soft and shiny. So let’s get well groomed feet in a few simple steps:

Things that you will need

To do a pedicure at home, you need only simple things like a small tub filled with warm water, pumice stone, nail polish remover, cotton pads, nail clipper, cuticle pusher and cream, foot scrub and moisturizer.

Step 1:

Remove your old nail polish: Dab some cotton balls with nail polish remover and remove your old nail polish. Make sure to remove the polish from all the corners.

Step 2:

Foot soak: A warm foot soak is an excellent way to beat the stress along a long day. Take a tub and fill it with lukewarm water enough to cover your ankles. You can add Epsom salt (1/2 cup) to reduce roughness or muscle pain or 1 lemon juice or even a few drops of liquid soap or shampoo if you want. Now sit in a comfortable position and soak your feet for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Dry them using a towel.

Step 3:

Cut your nails: Soaking will make your nails and skin soft. So cut the nails and give them a good shape and file them. Remove any hidden dirt within them. Avoid cutting the corners too much as it can be painful. Avoid using metal files as it can rip your nail.

Step 4:

Exfoliate and take care of your cuticles: Once your foot is dry, rub some cuticle cream on the base of each toe nail and use a foot scrub to remove all the dry and dead skin cells. Use a pumice stone for the heals, but do not rub too hard. Wipe off the cuticle cream and push back the cuticles gently using a cuticle pusher. Now wash the dead skin off your feet with water and allow your feet to dry.

Step 5:

Moisturize your feet: Once the scrubbing is done, your feet are clean and you can now moisturize them, this works wonderful as it softens and hydrates the skin and protects from cracking. If you are using any oily foot cream, then make sure that your feet are dry.

Step 6:

Polish your toe nails: Now it’s time to add color to your nails. If you want to keep it simple then just apply a coat of clear polish. If you want to add color then pick a nail color of your choice and apply it carefully over the nails till they are perfectly done. Let the first coat dry completely before you apply the second coat. This will make your nail polish last for a longer time. You can now jazz your feet with toe rings or pretty anklets.

So, do your pedicure at home every fortnight along with daily cleaning and moisturizing, and your soft and beautiful feet will make you proud of yourself.