Tips to Keep Your Child Safe this Holi

We all love the Holi festival, and specially our kids!

Beautiful colours, when get mixed in the air, bring out a truly enigmatic environment, which is filled with splendour and enjoyment. For kids, the festival brings a lot more. They get to buy the latest water guns or pichkaris available in the market, and spend hours in filling those tiny little water balloons.

Anyone who crosses the sight of the little ones gets to bear that strike of the water balloons or the water sprinkling from the huge pichkaris! No body is left and the young energetic minds spare no mercy on strangers as well!


Even though the festival brings a lot of fun for children, it is one of the most dangerous festivals too, besides Diwali.

So, as a parent, what can you do to keep your child safe during Holi festival? We bring to you some great advice and tips on celebrating a safe and eco-friendly Holi with kids this year.

Read on to learn about them and find out how can you have more fun this Holi!

  • First things first. Apply oil or cream all over your child’s body in order to prevent the colours from sticking to the skin. Also, don’t forget to put adequate hair oil on the lovely tresses of your child, before they go to play with colours. This will help in keeping the skin and hair protected from the harmful effects of the colours. 
  • Wearing a proper dress is also important for your little one. Make sure that your child wears a full-sleeved shirt/kurti and long pants/jeans so that the open body parts of your kid get covered to a great extent, helping in the protection of the sensitive skin of your child. 


  • Being proactive is essential. So, always keep a list of emergency contacts ready with you, comprising of the numbers of your immediate family members, family doctors or your child’s paediatrician along with the numbers of the closest hospitals and their ambulance services. 
  • Going for safe, natural and non-toxic colours is certainly one of the best safety tips for Holi. So, when you plan to visit the market to get some Holi colours, don’t forget to go natural to avoid your child’s skin from being harmed. 
  • Say no to water balloons! If possible, try to ban water balloons. If your child does not agree, make them understand the aftermaths if somebody will get hurt due to the impact caused by these balloons. 
  • One of the much important Holi safety tips is to teach your child how to use the Pichkari or water gun in such a manner that it stays away from other people’s faces, particularly their eyes and ears, and thus, avoid the occurrence of any sort of mishap. 
  • Keep an eye on your child and never leave them unattended, especially in crowds. Also, see to it that they do not put the colours in their mouth, because if ingested, these colours can lead to fatal consequences. Hence, it is important to keep them at bay while celebrating the festival. 
  • Eyes are highly exposed to dangers and accidents during this festival. So, if the colours enter your child’s eye, make sure to wash them with plenty of fresh and clean water. If need arises, then consulting a doctor should be done at the earliest. 
  • Once the celebrations get over, don’t let the colours stay on your baby’s body for too long. Wash every bit of it before it dries. With the use of a mild soap and slightly warm water, remove the colours slowly to prevent any skin reaction from occurring.