Interesting Tips to Strengthen Your Child’s Immune System

Trying to protect your little kids from falling sick is near to an impossible task, but it is important for you to know that there are various means by which you can increase their immunity. Runny nose, gastro bugs, recurrent flu are something most parents are always concerned. While we cannot prevent all illness, but we can make sure that our children remain healthy and free from any serious ailments. Although there are some illnesses caused because of the weather, at times they are also caused by the child’s weak immune system. Immunization may be an effective means to protect, but strengthening the child’s resistant power can protect him and help him to lead a healthy life.

Here’s how to help your child fight diseases and protect from bugs

Maintain a great diet: Fruits and vegetables are great sources of minerals and vitamins and are also a rich source of antioxidants that work to fight diseases. Eating plenty of whole fruits, nuts, seeds, eggs, meat and veggies increases the number of white blood cells that acts as barriers against viruses. You should limit the intake of sugar as it actually suppresses immunity.

Provide them with healthy bugs: Healthy and probiotic bacteria occur naturally in the gut and it helps to protect the digestive tract, digest food and even get rid of toxins. You can offer your kids’ probiotic rich foods like organic yogurt, kefir or sauerkraut.

Help them get plenty of sleep: A child needs about 10 to 14 hours sleep a day and if the child lacks proper sleep then this may lower the resistant power. Over stimulated and over tired kids may find it difficult to sleep, so take care that your children are not over tired and get them to bed early for a good sleep.

Provide then a non-toxic environment: Exposure to pollution or chemicals can also damage the immunity and this may make your kids more prone to common infections. So create a healthy home environment and reduce the use of any chemicals that your children may be exposed to. Use natural household cleaners and personal care products. Buy organic foods and reduce their overall exposure to any sort of chemicals.

Reduce stress: Elevated stress hormones can lead to decreased immunity. Due to fast paced and over scheduled lifestyles, children are also overstressed. When they have high stress hormones, their immunity becomes weak.  Let your kids enjoy some creative play time and allow their busy bodies to take a break for a healthy life.

Go big on supplements and herbs: Vitamin D and zinc can help to boost your child’s immune system. Foods like eggs, nuts, seeds, whole grains help the body fight viruses and infections. Herbs like elderberry, basil, astragalus may strengthen the respiratory tract. But consult your doctor before starting any new supplement or herb routine for your kid.

Increase exercise time: Exercise is a great means to keep your kids free from diseases. A small game of cricket or weekly swimming classes is a great way to pump children up before they eat their food. It increases the natural killer cells and helps the body to remain prepared for any attacks.


Enjoy nature: Help your child to get plenty of fresh air and for this you can take them to parks or walks in the woods. Let your child run, climb, jump and play without a hat or gloves, let them run barefoot on the grass as nature is an excellent immune stimulator and getting exposed to it work wonders in a child’s life.

Avoid any unnecessary vaccines or antibiotics: Vaccines are essential to prevent few diseases, but do not rely too much on them. Taking too much antibiotics can harm the immune system and the body may start resisting the medicine if take frequently. Too many vaccine shots also put too much pressure on the immune system and at times they can arrest the growth of the immune system.

Mental and emotional health: Another best nutrition for great immune system is love and attention. Children need to be touched, kissed and hugged regularly. When they feel that people around them love them, they are happy and secure. The more your kids enjoy life; the better is their immune function. Unhappiness and stress may at times affect the immunity and lower the child’s resistance, but comfort from their parents relieves stress and stimulates the immune system.


A strong immunity provides the child with a natural defense system to fight off diseases. Helping your child to boost this immune system will help them live a healthy life and gain a greater level of wellness.