Schooling Children

Starting school can be a stressful time for young children. This is the first time a child starts staying out of their homes alone. School is the place where your child starts interacting with lot of other children of different ages. Your son or daughter needs lots of support from you before they start school and especially in the first few weeks.

Schooling Of Children

Starting education of your child can become a joyful experience for him but it is very important for the parents to prepare their children as they embark on, and throughout, their formal schooling.

Type of Schools:

Child can be sent to school at the age of 3+ years but due care should be taken in ensuring that the school is an informal play type of school where the child learns while playing. Formal schooling should start only at the age of 5-6 years.

Initiation of Schooling:

At the preparatory stage, whatever you tell your child about schooling should be true & actually happen when he goes to school. Initially the child cries, clings & makes excuses due to an acute anxiety of going to school for the first time. The most important thing is that because of crying or excuses, there should not be any school absenteeism.

Parental Attitude:

Most of the children are of normal intelligence & by & large do reasonably well. It is the parental pressures & expectations that put a big strain on them. We are making neurotics out of our children by burdening them with our high expectations. Inculcate good & positive habits of studying etc. in your child, but do it at his pace & his capability to cope up with it.