Baby Shower Funny Games

Make the Baby Shower Celebration Exciting with Funny Games

Do you need some funny baby shower games to make the party more exciting? If so, then here is a list of a few funny baby shower games that will undoubtedly add on to your fun.

1. Baby food tasting

Baby food tasting

It’s time to see how well the audiences know the baby food flavors. You should buy an assortment of baby food that are of well-known flavors. Then you need to remove the labels and keep the jars on the table. Ask each guest to come one by one and guess the flavor by tasting it with spoon. The one who guessed the most flavors right is the winner.

2. The ‘who did it?’

You’ll need construction paper speech bubbles and sharpie to play the game.

This is an interesting way by which you can find out about the expectant parents. Ask them to tell about their childhood and before your guest arrives, write down the facts in the speech bubbles without revealing who said what. Now, ask the audiences to guess if the facts apply to the expectant mom or dad.

3. The balloon/diaper game

The balloon/diaper game

Blindfold each of the participants and place a blown up balloon, a diaper and pins in front of them. What they need to do is to diaper the balloons to the best of their ability with the diaper and pins given. Remember, they must not pop the balloons with the pins.

4. The Don’t Say “Baby” Game

On the arrival of each guest, make them hold a clothespin and explain them that they can’t utter the word baby from now onwards. If they do, they must give their clothespin to the next person or the one who tricked them into saying the word baby. At the end, the one with maximum number of clothespin is the winner.

Fun is an essential part of every celebration and baby shower is no exception. So, you can include some of the best and funniest baby shower games from the long list available to make the gathering more thrilling.

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