Baby Shower Games for Girls

If the mom-to-be is expecting a girl, then make sure that the celebration is memorable for all the girls present at the party. You can plan a great celebration with these creative games as given below:

1.Greeting card Greeting card

Now, this will definitely fill this special day with memories for the years to come and the baby-to-be will always have a beautiful card to open on her birthday.

What you need?

  • Markers, stickers, construction paper, glue.

How to play?

It’s a fact that your guests will enjoy this activity giving you baby reasons to enjoy for years to come. Assign an age to each of your guest in between 1 to 21 and ask them to create a card accordingly. They should design and decorate the card using different creative approaches and also include a message so that your little girl will have a special card for each year on her birthday.

2.Girl tunes

What you need to play?

  • Dry erase board or chalk board
  • Chalk or marker

How to play?

You can call out some famous songs from Indian cinemas that are named after some special girls and the guest needs to jot down the ideas. So, the maximum number of tunes one can name wins.

3.Project baby

Your shower guests can design the rompers for your little girl now!

What you need?

  • Plain white all-in-ones in a variety of infant sizes
  • Fabric markers
  • Fabric glue, paint
  • Glitter

How to play?

This is all about creating a special memento for the new arrival, using your entire creativeness. This activity will also make your guests fill with excitement. You can give a t-shirt or romper to each guest to decorate and the one with the most appealing, colorful or craziest design can win.

The mom-to-be memory game4.The mom-to-be memory game

What you need?


How to play?

mom-to-be. It may be anything from recollection of childhood to best friend’s tale at the college. The host may ask them to read the memories one by one while the expectant mom opens her gifts. Then it can be collected and put in a scrapbook.

You can plan an outstanding celebration with baby shower games that girls would love. Also, along with the games, you can use themes and decorations that would complement the celebration.scrapbook.

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