Teens (13 – 18 Years)

Your Teenage Child & You

picture1Someone has rightly said “Adolescence is a period of rapid changes. Between the ages of 12 and 17, for example, a parent ages as much as 20 years.”

And you thought your and your child’s sleepless nights got over with their infancy period? Well, not really!

Welcome your child to the oh-so-wonderful ‘Teenage’ or ‘Adolescence’, as many of us call it. Mother’s Zone helps the parents of today to help their children cross this phase of their lives in the best possible manner.

After all parenting teens is not as difficult as the fluctuating relationship equation with your child might have led you to think!

Teenage – A beautiful hubbub of problems & expectations

In this day and age, children need to face a lot of teenage problems, many of which we might not have faced during our adolescence. The ever increasing influence of western culture, abundance of advanced communication devices, inescapable peer pressure, and the impact of social media, all this have contributed to the very many problems that teenage encounter at present. As a parent, it is our responsibility to help our children keep away from the bad and ensure teenage safety, while helping them strike a balance between their expectations and the realities of life.



Preparing for the road ahead

Enter the beautiful phase of adolescence, and the urge to be successful and trendy is on its all time high! At Mother’s Zone, we share some useful beauty tips that can help the modern day teenagers look their absolute best! Along with this, we also bring a list of good books for teenagers that can help them win over the tough situations of life and emerge as a winner, while taking inspiration from the wonderful stories for teenagers that we have compiled for them.

Your teenage child’s career & your guidance

One of the questions that almost every individual faces when they stand at the verge of being an adult is – what career path to choose? During such a time, it has been often observed that parents impose their own ambitions and wants on their children, increasing the confusion and the emotional mayhem that the already troubled teenagers are going through. Thus, explore a number of career options with your child like helping them choose a career in the creative field, if they want, or searching for an interesting and helpful online job for teenagers, etc. Understand the dreams of your child and be a positive source of reinforcement for them, not a roadblock to their aspirations.