Babysitting Tips and Ideas

So, you love kids? Well, that’s absolutely wonderful! After all, kids bring a smile to your face and make all the tiredness go away from you. Their hearty laughter and cheerful talks is what we all look forward to after a hectic day.

Babysitting Ideas

But when it comes to babysitting, then things might turn out to be a little difficult if you don’t pay proper attention towards the children you are taking care of!

Mother’s Zone brings to you some great babysitting tips, advice and ideas.

From watching a movie, and going on adventures, to snuggling the kids up for stories, or playing a variety of games, you can do a lot of such stuff that will entertain children in no time at all. Because babysitting becomes a lot easier when you have got fun activities planned for the little ones!

Happy Kids Bring Happier Times

There is no denying the fact that a few hours spent with happy kids bring much more happiness, then spending the same time with kids who are upset, grumpy, or gloomy.

This is the reason why it is important that you maintain a positive attitude and have fun while babysitting. The more energetic and cheery you are, the better and more wonderful time you will spend with babies.

Just with a bit of preparation and exuberance, babysitting can turn out to be a truly enjoyable experience.

Babysitting Activities

Being a good babysitter calls for a lot many things than just being there with the child. And, when you put efforts in the task of babysitting, you are surely going to enjoy more than the babies! However, it is extremely important to think of some age-appropriate activities for the children you are sitting. As a matter of fact, babysitting becomes a lot easier when you have got some interesting activities planned.

Mother’s Zone tells you about some fun babysitting ideas to take care of the little angels!

  • Go for ‘Games’

babysitting tips
Needless to mention, games are absolutely fun to go for, when you are planning to sit a baby. Whether indoor games or outdoor games, you can keep the kids occupied by thinking of something out of the box and taking keen interest in the games. When the children see you loving the games, they are bound to concentrate on them and experience the fun you are having!


  • Let’s bring out the artist in the kids!


Encourage the kids to bring out the hidden artists and explore the creativity they are blessed with. Plan some fun art and craft activities together and tell the children to create some beautiful masterpieces for others to see and praise!

  • So you think you can dance?

Play some groovy Bollywood number and put on your dancing shoes. Let the children revel in fun times while dancing to the tunes of their favourite songs. You can even teach some great steps to the children and prepare them for a dance performance for the next family get together!

  • Visit the nearby park or playground

Another thing you can do is to take the kids to a nearby park or playground that is safe and secure for them to roam freely. This is not only fun, but is also essential to let the children breathe out some fresh air. So the next time you are getting bored while babysitting, grab a football and visit the nearby park with the kids!

  • Story telling


A sure shot way to be in the good books of little cherubs is to read exciting stories to them. Be a bit unique and make a small tent with a bed sheet and take the children inside the tent with you. Make sure that the reading tent is airy enough so that the children don’t feel suffocated. Grab a fascinating picture story book and let the kids wander in the world of their vivid imagination as you narrate stories with sheer enthusiasm.

  • Can you be the next singing sensation?

If during the babysitting activities, the baby you are sitting is always humming one song or the other, the chances are high that he or she has a keen interest in singing. So let the child enhance this interest by playing some songs on the television and singing out loud with the little one. You will surely be a darling of the kids if you somehow play their favourite numbers on your mobile phone or laptop and let them sing along with you. Just give it a try!