Quality Time with Baby

With every passing moment, your baby learns something new about the world around them. Your little one evolves every day. And thus, it becomes all the more important that you spend some quality time with your baby and communicate with them.


If you feel you are short of ideas as to how can you have a memorable and fun time with your little angel, then Mother’s Zone is there to help. Read our sections to learn about some great ideas on what you can do when it comes to spending some great time with your child.

Why spend quality time with kids is important?

Your baby means the world to you, and when it comes to the growth and development of your little one, you should take all the possible steps to make sure that it happens healthily. Spending time with your baby will help you understand their needs and will strengthen the bond that you have with your child.

As they will get older, they will feel that you are accessible to them and they can look up to you without any apprehensions, worries, or fears. Thus, by putting some efforts and developing quality time for you and your child, you are actually laying the foundation of a lifetime filled with mutual trust and understanding.

how to spend quality time with child As a matter of fact, several studies have revealed that children who spend enough quality time with their parents are more likely to outdo others when it comes to studies, sports, extracurricular activities, etc. And, such kids are usually more creative and motivated.

Thus, it is extremely essential that you spend some good time with your kids, to help them realise their hidden potential and to foster your relationship with them.

You might think that the day spent with your child was long and tiring enough that you were not left with any time for yourself, but you may not be aware of the fact that simply being present does not necessarily mean that you have spent quality time with your little one. In order to develop a healthy and strong relationship with your child, you ought to spend some quality time with him or her.

Mother’s Zone gives ideas about how can you spend quality time with baby and savour the precious moments you have together.

Spend quality time with your child by playing with them

No wonder it seems a simple task, but you have to follow it religiously. Plan some fun games with your kid and play with him or her regularly. Be active and not dull while being there for your child, as he or she learns how to behave mostly by following you alone. So, be all cheerful and respectful while playing indoor and outdoor games and foster the relation between you and your kid in a wonderful manner.

Take your child for a walk Take your child for a walk

Make it a habit to take a walk with your child at the end of the day, to help them relax and unwind. It could be difficult for you to help your toddler sleep, so you can make a routine to take a walk with the little one and give your kids some mellow time to be at ease before going to the bed. Ensure that you and your kid are dressed in your night dress, so that you are completely ready to be off to the bed once you are back from the walk.

Ditch that car at times

While heading to the nearby park or temple, ditch that car and cover the short distance by walking to the destination. This might not seem to be a necessary task, but it plays an important role in spending priceless time with your child. Have a talk with your child about the place you are heading towards and who are you going to meet; this will help you to make them understand the importance of relations and places outside your home. Hold hands while going out with your little angel, to show them you actually care.

Read to your kid

Read to your kid

Go to a book store with your child every so often and buy books as per his or her interests. Read to your kid daily and help him or her read from the book too. This will not only help you spend some quality time with your child, but will also enhance his or her reading and comprehension skills. You can make the reading time special by making some healthy snacks for your child.

Make the weekends special

All kids love outings. You and your spouse can plan such trips on weekends and surprise your kids. Make it all the more exciting by asking your parents to come along with you. Kids love grandparents and when you head towards the nearest hill station or beach with the entire family, it will be a truly delightful experience for them.