Swaddling Your Baby



how to swaddle a baby step by stepThe first few months after your child is born may be a tough time to manage your bundle of joy. Adjusting to the new environment may be difficult for him and this is because he may miss the warmth and cozy feeling of the womb which can make him cry and panic. But new moms can make everything a bit more comfortable by learning few important tips on how to take care of babies. Your doctor or midwife must have mentioned the word “swaddle” to you before your baby’s birth. But do you have any idea of what is swaddling? Let’s discuss this today and share some important information that is beneficial for your newborn.

What is swaddling ?

It is an ancient technique of wrapping the newborn in a blanket to make him feel secure, safe and comfortable and allow him to adjust to the new environment slowly. You may find that your little one often jerks his body while sleeping and this startle reflex can wake him up. His own muscle movements may also disturb his sleep. So it is suggested that swaddling the baby can help to reduce the effect when he is over stimulated. The blanket wrap gives the warmth of the mother’s womb and helps him to settle down easily.

How to swaddle a Baby Step by Step ?

Swaddling the little one in a correct manner is very important as improper method or tight wrapping may injure the soft cartilage of the hip sockets leading to hip dysplasia and may even loosen the joints in the bones.

Follow the step by step instructions:

  • Lay a square blanket on your bed.
  • Now fold any one corner of the blanket.
  • Place him on the blanket diagonally with his head above the edge of the blanket.
  • Take the right corner of the blanket and wrap over the arm and tuck it under the left side.
  • Now, take the bottom and fold upward to cover the legs and feet.
  • Take the left side of the blanket and tuck it under the right side as far under as it will go.
  • This will wrap your baby like a bundle and secure him from any startles.

The benefits of swaddling your baby

A little practice of the above techniques can make you an expert in making the newborn feel comfortable. Now let’s take a look at the list of benefits:

  • It prevents hypnagogic startles or sudden jerks and muscle movements that may make your little one cry or disturb his sleep.
  • It restricts him from touching the face and causing irritation during sleep.
  • It reduces the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome compared to those who are not swaddled.
  • It allows the newborn to rest peacefully for long hours and gives the feeling of warmth and helps him to adjust to the surroundings in a gradual manner
  • It helps in neuromuscular development and reduces all kinds of discomforts.