Baby Shower Games Ideas

Baby Shower Games to Make the Celebration More Exciting

Baby shower is a traditional celebration which goes back a long way, however, it is gaining much popularity and momentum these days. The tradition is one of the best ways to celebrate the special moment of the new parents with their friends and family.

Baby Shower GamesThis festive gathering needs to be made special and exciting in every way to make it a memorable moment for the mum-to-be and baby shower games are the most exciting part of the entire celebration. You need to add a list of some delighting games to make the blessed moment filled with joy. However, selecting the games that all your visitors and the mum-to-be would love might be a daunting task. So, to make the task a little easier and more exciting, here is a list of some popular games that your guests and the new parents would love to play.

Baby Gear Themed Games

1.Game: Baby Sock Game
What you need: a timer and as many pairs of socks as you wish to
How to play: Put all the socks, unpaired, in a pile on the floor and ask each guest to match as many socks as they can on his/her turn. The person who can match the highest number of pairs is the winner.

2.Game: Do You Know What It Is?
What you need: baby items, paper bags for each item and a paper and pen for each guest
How to play: Put one baby item in each bag and number them like 1, 2, 3, and pass the bags to each guest. The guests must try to identify the item in each bag without opening it and note it down. Once everyone gets a chance, the mum-to-be can open the bags and reveal what is inside. Whoever guessed the maximum number of items right is the winner.

Balloon Themed Games

1.Game: Whose Water Breaks First?
What you need: Plastic babies and containers where they can be fitted
How to play: Put one baby into each container filled with water, prior to the party and freeze. To start the game, give a frozen container to each guest and ask him/her to try to melt the ice and get their baby out. The participants can use any way they want to get their baby out and the first one whose water breaks is the winner.

Balloon Themed Games

Balloon Themed Games


2.Game: Having a Baby
What you need: Balloons
How to play: Separate guests into different teams and give each person a balloon. When the hosts says to start, each person from each team needs to blow up the balloon and stick it under the shirt. Once the first person in the team does this, the rest of the members need to do the same. And when the entire team has balloon in their shirt, they must pop it up starting from the first member. The team, who blows and pops their balloons the fastest win.

Diaper Themed Games

1.Game: Pass the Dirty Diaper
What you need: Diaper, candy bars or baby food, music
How to play: The host must make a mess in a diaper with either baby food or melted candy bars. The participants sit in a circle and pass the dirty diaper around as the music plays. When the music stops, the guest holding the diaper needs to guess what is in the diaper and is also out of the game. The last one who remains is the winner.

Diaper Themed Games

Diaper Themed Games

2.Game: Don’t Say Baby!

What you need: Diaper pin for each guest
How to play: Get diaper pins for your guests and when they arrive, have them put the pin on their clothes somewhere. They mustn’t utter the word baby because if one guest hears the other saying baby, he can take the pin. So, whoever has the most pins at the end wins.

How Well Do You Know the Mum-To-Be?

1.What you need: Paper and pens
How to play: The host must find out almost every small detail about the mum-to-be, her likes and dislikes and write the questions and answers down. Now, the guest must be asked questions from the information gathered and the one with most answers right is the winner.

2.Game: Guess Her Age
What you need: Several pictures of the mother-to-be, all at different ages, pens, paper
How to play: The pictures collected must be shown to the guests and guess how old the new mum was in the picture. The one who can answer the most right becomes the winner.
The above popular games can make your guests and new parents enjoy the entire celebration a lot more. They can the party wonderful and outstanding.


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