Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Boys

With the market being flooded with baby shower gift items, selecting an impressive one is all about uniqueness and creativity.If you want to buy something for a baby boy that will make you stand out from the crowd, then the list ahead would help you select one of your choices.

baby gift idea for boys


The Unique Baby Shower gift ideas For Boys :diaper cake for boy

1. Diaper cake

This can be a suitable gift for a baby boy at the shower party. You can create an appealing design that would resemble a real multi-layered cake with all the necessary items for the new born. You can include a number of items such as blankets, clothes, toys, rattles, etc., depending on your creativity to design it.

You can beautifully tie it with a ribbon to make it look more appealing and presentable.

2. Custom Burp Cloth:

This gives you infinite possibilities for a cute and personalized gift for the kid. You can customize these super-soft burp pads with different fabric and name of your choice.

3. Baby Bottle Monster Shark Cozies:

Baby bottle monster shark coziesThese bottle cozies can be customized. So, for the baby boy, you can make it blue. This gift idea is liked at the celebration and looks very pretty. You can order the gift set online as well.

4. Retro Cassette Tape Onesie:

Onesies are always been loved, however, when it comes to kids, here is a little unique one. You can buy the retro cassette tape design onesies that would make your gift unique and lovely. This cute and educational present is also perhaps the only way to make them know what a cassette tape even is.

5. Personalized Clothing Hanger:

Now, babies have tons of clothes to keep. So, to arrange them in an orderly and appealing manner, you can opt for a personalized clothing hanger. These items will not only make sense of the mess, but will make attractive decorations as well when not in use.
 Roller skate booties

6.Roller Skate Booties:

You no longer need to be upset for the limited booties options for the kids. This is because he too can have a rocking pair of shoes with custom made roller skate booties. Also, you can select a suitable color as per your wish.

The above mentioned creative baby shower gift ideas for boys will undoubtedly make the celebration more exciting with you receiving complements for creativity.


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