Child Safety

Every mother loves her child and wishes to see them in the best of health and spirit, always. But taking care of a child is not easy. Kids are highly vulnerable to injuries and wounds, owing to their unawareness about dangerous things, their non-stop playful activities and their adorable but naughty actions.

Luckily, injuries can be avoided if you take good care of your child and follow some practical rules by being a little proactive.

Mother’s Zone brings to you some great tips on how you can keep your kid safe at home and away.

Child Safety

Child Safety

  • Don’t ever leave your kid alone near water

    –Let’s face it, we all are really suspicious of leaving a kid in a bathroom alone. The chances of slipping or drowning in the bathtub are really high when it comes to children. So, no matter how urgent it is for you to pick the phone or open the door, always take your kid with you, and avoid any mishaps.

  • Chemicals do no good to kids

    – Detergents, soaps, perfumes, cleaning agents, cosmetics, and the like; all of them are extremely hazardous for the kids. It is necessary to keep in mind that all such things should be stored at such a place that is out of the reach of your little one, so that there are no chances of accidents.

  • Pets can be dangerous too

    – No matter how well your dog and your child may team up; there is always a possibility of dog bites. Make sure that you teach your pet the basic manners, and also teach your kid a few precautionary measures to enjoy harmless encounters with your lovable pet.

  • Electrical outlets & appliances

    – We all know how curious kids can be. It is important to keep your inquisitive child away from the electrical outlets to avoid the odds of electrical shocks. Keep the sockets shielded with plastic covers and keep electrical appliances like iron, heater, hair dryer, etc. away from the reach of your little one.

  • Prevent choking

    – No matter why, but child are attracted towards small items. As a parent, it is highly important to keep all the small household objects like pins, coins, buttons, small balls, earrings, etc. out of your child’s sight. Prevent your kid from accidental choking by making sure that nothing dangerous comes within their reach.

By being proactive and following these babyproofing tips, you can have the peace of mind that you deserve. After all, your child’s safety is of utmost importance to you! So, take all the necessary prevention steps to keep your child protected from dangers and accidents.

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