Smart Learning Activities for Your 6 Month Old Baby

Smart Learning Activities for Your 6 Month Old Baby

Babies may be born with different weights and even sizes, but their development at 6-10 months typically has a few things in common. Now that your baby is about 6 months old and is slowly approaching her first birthday, there are various things that your baby will learn while growing. As a mother you can help your child to learn interesting things by introducing her to certain activities between the ages of 6-12 months. Since some activities have great potential to affect the brain development of the child, these early stages of development are a great opportunity for parents to create a huge effect on the child’s chances for happiness, success and even achievement.

Once your little darling is 6 -7 months old, she has reached a very important milestone and you will find her to be a lot louder and even out of control at time. She will move and will probably try to make words on her own.

So, if you are willing to make your baby smarter then here is what you can do to let her learn a lot through engaging activities.

Reading sessions: Most parents wait for a longer time to get started with the books. But the best time to start with the reading session is right now. Purchase some good books with contrasting and bright pictures that will attract the baby’s eyes.  You can read out the stories using different voices and putting a lot of emotion into the words. Allow your baby to turn the pages of the books over and over again as she will also enjoy seeing the beautiful pictures.

Singing: Research has stated that there is a great link between cognitive development and music in babies. The maximum growth is when they are still in the womb till two years of age when the listening based learning is at the peak. You can choose to play some nursery rhymes to play or sing songs casually as a regular activity for your baby. Make up songs to do things with your baby and this will help her to jump start the cognitive development.

Play in the garden: Your little baby will really enjoy some moments spent in the nature’s lap. Take her to the garden and let her see the beautiful flowers, butterflies, the blue sky and the green grass. Let her seat on the grass and crawl. You can also take a ball and roll it over for her to play.

Start mind games: Your little baby has now learnt that your taking a shower or a bathroom break does not mean that you don’t cease to exist. Play with her with a magic of peek-a-boo. You can hide behind the curtains and then call her name and encourage her to find you. Pop out and say Boo! And watch how she smiles at your re-appearance.

Finger foods: Food can become an interesting game at this age as your baby will try to feed herself. At 7 months, she will try to grab food with her fists and bring it towards her mouth. Though they may make things messy, but the ability to grab some O-shaped cereals with the thumb and forefinger will enhance her hand movements. But while you try this activity, always have a close eye on her so that she doesn’t choke herself with the food items.

Mirror:  Have you ever placed your baby in front of the mirror? Just try to do this and see how excited she would be to see another baby in front of her. The expressions, emotions will hold her interest and she will enjoy looking into the mirror and seeing her reflection. This activity will help your baby to explore sight, touch and hearing.

Fun objects: While choosing toys for your baby, you should be flexible and creative. Choose exiting toys that your baby will be thrilled to use. Get a phone that makes sounds and also has lights in it. You can also purchase some push toys or some stacking blocks that can be great fun for her. Help her with some rings that are to be placed according to their sizes. Such games are great for cognitive skill development and also make playtime great fun.

So, go ahead and enjoy some best moments with your little one and help her learn various skills with these interesting activities.