Pre Teens (9 – 12 Years)

Parenting Pre Teens


With your child entering the pre-adolescence or pre-teen age, you might experience a lot many changes in the behaviour of the apple of your eye. From being the cuddly, cheery and cute little angel of yours, to being the secretive, shy and diffident pre-teen you might think is a stranger, your child’s transition to the teen years is not an easy one! And, at Mother’s Zone, we understand this!

This is the reason why we bring to you some important advice and information that will help you make your child a confident and well mannered individual, who is all set to face the life ahead!

Confidence – No hide and seek, please!

We know that you want your child to be geared up to tackle the hardships of a teenager’s life! This is the reason we share some interesting and helpful tips and suggestions for the parents of today, which will help them when it comes to building confidence in their pre teens.

raising-your-child-to-have-good-manners-360x240Good manners for pre teens

We all have encountered those naughty children who do not know what obedience actually is. Likewise, we have seen some extremely well behaved kids in our lives. If you wish your child to fall in the second category of children, it is important for you to be a little proactive and teach your pre teen the essentials of conforming to the basic behavioural norms. Follow our tips and turn your little one into an obedient and well mannered child, who is loved by all.

Building self esteem in your pre teen

There is no denying the fact that confidence plays a very important role in moulding the life of a child, however building self esteem along with confidence is equally important. With a healthy self-esteem, your child will be able to face the challenges of the world in a strong manner. It also assists in letting the child experiment with new things, take risks, make new friends, solve problems, and do a lot more. Find tips on how to build self esteem in your pre teen child by browsing this section of our portal.