Godh Bharai

The Tradition Of Godh Bharai – The Indian Baby Shower

Godh Bharai is the Indian version of baby shower that is celebrated during the 7th month of pregnancy to welcome the unborn baby into the family.

In Hindi, the words God Bharai literally mean to fill the lap with abundance and blessings and this is the true objective of this celebration in Indian households.

Godh Bharai

The God Bharai rasam differs from culture to culture but the essence remains the same – to shower countless blessings on the unborn baby and give the mom-to-be lots of gifts blessings and support in her new journey of motherhood.

If you are hosting a Godh Bharai ceremony for your family member or friend, read on to get some innovative tips to make it a memorable event for the mum-to-be and all the guests as well!


Godh bharai Party ideas:

Deciding on the date and venue are the most important things while planning the party. Before you decide on the venue, you must finalise the guest list so that you know how many people to accommodate in the venue. Speak to the mom-to-be before you finalize the guest list so that you are sure that you didn’t miss out on any of her friends or relatives.

Look for a venue that suits the occasion and fits your budget. You can also decide to host the party at a friend’s place, farm house or extra apartment if it is empty. While designing the invitations, you can choose traditional cards with beautiful wordings or go for a modern design with a stork. If you are inviting more family members and elders, you can opt for a beautiful motif of Indian design as well.

Godh bharai decoration and themes:

God Bharai Rasam

This is the most exciting part of hosting the party since you can change the look of the venue with some stunning decorations and use your creativity to make it a spectacular event.

In the traditional god bharai rasam, a flower decoration is done at the venue and ornaments of flowers are made for the mom-to-be to wear at this occasion. You can also decorate the baby shower venue with baby clothes to make it feel cute and lively.

Go for pastel colours and keep a common theme to make it look appealing to all age groups. You can use blue and pink coloured balloons and ribbons to enhance the look of the venue. You can even create a photo booth with baby clothes and picture and give it as a return gift to all the guests.

God bharai games:

Games and god bharai songs are an important part of this event and therefore, you must be prepared to host all the games beforehand. You can play games like Guess the Size of Mom’s Belly, The Poopy Diaper, etc. to add some fun elements to your event. These baby shower games are a great ice-breaker for all the guests and they create special pictures and memories for the mom and baby.

ToysGodh bharai gifts:

If you are wondering what it is ideal gift to take for a God Bharai, you can choose from some tradition gift ideas like silver bangles, Coconut, Money or Nada Chhadi or go for modern gifts like toys, accessories for the mom or some cute clothes for the baby.

Godh Bharai is a wonderful event for the expecting mother and her friends and relatives. With the right planning and timely executions, you can make this one of the most memorable days of her life!