Yoga Exercise for Kids

Yoga Exercise for Kids

In the present scenario, yoga is considered as the best form of exercise that promotes mental and physical well-being. People of all age groups whether they are kids, adults, and elderly ones are making the most of this form to improve their lifestyle.

When Should Kids Start Practicing Yoga?

Are you wondering what’s the best age for the yoga for kids? Well, they can start practicing yoga as soon as they become capable enough to understand the instructions. In general, 4 years and above are the perfect age to get started with yoga. That’s because kids in that age group can easily comprehend the instructions of the teacher.

Unfortunately, there are many parents who are still reluctant of the fact that whether they should allow their kids to practice yoga or not. As kids are in a tender age, so they become apprehensive of their health. But, the reality is that yoga offers lots of benefits in the long run.

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How Yoga is Beneficial for Kids?

By practicing yoga on a daily basis, the kids can reap myriads of benefits that will improve their physical and emotional well-being. Overall, it will create a positive impact on the health of the kids.

Why Yoga is Importan

Here are the top benefits of the yoga for kids that you need to know about:

  • Helps in the Stress Management

When kids will practice yoga, they will learn breathing and relaxation techniques that will combat the problem of anxiety to a great extent.

  • Increases Self-esteem

To boost self-esteem within the kids, yoga provides amazing results. When they will try out various yoga asanas for kids with perfection, a sense of accomplishment will be achieved.

  • Improves Concentration & Memory

Another benefit of yoga for kids is that it helps in increasing their focusing abilities which will get translated into better academic results.

  • Builds Strength & Flexibility

With yoga practice, the growing kids can build strength and flexibility in their bodies, which reduces the chances of any serious injury.

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Basic Yoga Poses for Kids

Make your kid a little yogi with help of these basic yoga asanas for children:

  • Meditative Pose

For reducing the stress level within the kids, this pose works wonders. They should sit cross-legged and put the knees on the hands, and relax the body.

  • Mountain Pose

The kids have to stand straight on the ground, and try to balance your body. This particular pose helps in strengthening the body of the kids.

  • Cobra Pose

If you want your kid to build an upper body strength, then this pose will provide effective results. For this, the kid has to lie on their tummy and palms should be placed next to the shoulders.

  • Lion Pose

To channelize the energy of your kid in the right direction, this pose will be a reliable option. It provides mind relaxation, relieves stress and fatigue. This pose involves kneeling down by placing your palms on the knees, and start taking deep breath through your nose.