International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day

7th International Yoga Day: History, Themes & Celebration During Covid-19

Yoga is an ancient form of mind and body exercise that helps in boosting one’s well-being. Practicing yoga on a regular basis can improve your quality of living. With the help of various breathing and relaxation techniques, it becomes easy to set a perfect harmony between your mind and soul. The best part is that if you are battling anxiety disorder, you can win over this problem with the help of yoga.

As the international yoga day is just round the corner, we’ll discuss all the minute details pertaining to this day. So, let’s continue reading this post to get a detailed information about the same.

History of International Yoga Day

On 27th September, 2014, our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi proposed the idea of international yoga day in front of the UN General Assembly while delivering his speech. The idea was supported by 177 nations, which was indeed the biggest number.

The first international yoga day was observed on 21st June 2015, and this will be the seventh time in a row that we will celebrate this day with full spirit.

7th International Yoga Day
This date was selected because it is the “Summer Solstice” which is the longest day of the year where the sun rises early and sets late for the northern hemisphere.

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International Yoga Day theme (2015-2021)

The international yoga day is celebrated annually with different themes. Here are the yoga themes from the year 2015 to 2021:

2015: Yoga for Harmony & Peace

2016: Connect the Youth

2017: Yoga for Health

2018: Yoga for Peace

2019: Yoga for Heart

2020: Yoga at Home & Yoga with Family

2021: Yoga for Well-being

How to Celebrate Yoga Day in Covid-19 Pandemic Situation?

We all know that all the social gatherings have been stopped due to the current pandemic situation. So, it would be not possible to perform yoga in a crowded place like parks and auditoriums due to the health safety reasons, and opt for the digital platforms for this purpose.

This year too people will celebrate the yoga divas from the comfort of their homes. This year theme will be “Yoga for Well-being”. It will stress on the importance of staying motivated at home by adopting a healthy lifestyle with the help of yoga practice.

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A lot of people have complained that they’ve put on a lot of weight amidst this pandemic because they are stuck at their homes. The worst part is that all the gyms are shut in the light of the current situation. With the help of yoga, they will be able to shed those extra kilos that they have gained during the lockdown.

Happy International Yoga Day to all!