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Puzzles… Quizzes… Brain Teasers… Did You Know Facts… and much more!

Get all the help you need to put your kids’ brains to work with this fun and interesting section of Mother’s Zone.

Did You Know ?: 

Did You KnowDid You Know why Netherlands is called the Land of Windmills? And, why the Ganges is considered sacred?

From Did You Know facts about food like ‘why doesn’t frozen food get spoiled?’ to some astounding history facts like ‘why was the Eiffel Tower built?’ – we have got it all here! Click here to know more…

So, let’s keep your kids entertained for hours, and if you want some good stuff to boost that imagination and creativity of your kid’s brain, then we have several brain teasers games ready as well!

Brain Teasers :

Brain TeasersDo you know the benefits of puzzle in child development? With these fun interactive brain teasers with answers, (yes, answers! we have got them there for you –just scroll down a little and you will have the solution of the teaser without any difficulty!) we are sure that your child’s learning ability will get the much needed boost, and will help them be a strong individual with better intellectual and creative bent of mind. Read more about Brain Teasers… –

But, remember – first let your kid use their mind to solve the puzzles, only when they get confused, should they look for the answers by scrolling down the page.

What is it that you need more? Get ready and see your little one scratching their head for hours. After all, putting their mind to good use is something you desire the most! Isn’t it? So, checkout these various fun brain teasers and enjoy a wide range of  brainteaser that will increase your child’s IQ.

For the Quiz Competitions

These puzzles are beneficial for kids come handy if you are conducting a quiz competition at your school. This way, you can easily put your students’ problem solving skills and imagination to test in an easy manner. Just note these or get them printed and see how many of the interesting questions can your students answer correctly without any help!

Challenge accepted?

Have you tried all the brain teasers? Did you like them? If so, then why don’t you challenge your friends or relatives and test their mental capacities?

No matter how you might utilise this enjoyable section of Mother’s Zone, with these baffling puzzles, a great and fun time is assured!

So, just be all set to let the smart kids of the smart age have a fun time while learning something amazing every time they visit Mother’s Zone!