Kids (5-9 years)

It’s All About Raising Kids

Being a parent is not easy. From always being on your toes to look after the needs of your little one, to being the discipline teacher and confidence builder, you ought to play various roles.

Be a smart parent by following these simple and smart tips on how to raise kids in a proper manner, helping them be confident, happy and courteous.

Manners in kids

Excuse Me, Thank You, I Am Sorry, Please, and the rest – talk of manners in kids and these are the very basics! No matter whether you have made your child learn these or not, there is a lot more to child manners. So, follow the suggestions given by our child experts and help your child in being a well mannered individual, without resorting to constant nagging and shouting.

moms-and-kidsEntertaining children

We understand that you put in a lot of efforts to give your child the best in every aspect. But are you doing enough when it comes to entertaining your little one? If not, then follow our suggestions that will help you keep your child entertained, and at the same time, will give you some ways to bond with them and nurture your relationship like never before!

Relation between Siblings

“You don’t love me!”… “You love my brother/sister more!”…“I want their books!”…“I want their toys!”…

As a parent, you might have to listen to these statements quite a lot if you have more than one child. While siblings are great companions, at times they behave like nothing less than enemies. Find the right information you need when it comes to teaching your children the importance of siblings and help them grow the love and fondness for each other – making them all the more responsible, loving and mature.

raising_children_s3Keeping your child healthy

Providing a healthy and safe environment to children is every parent’s responsibility. Mother’s Zone shares with you some tips and advice that will help you make your child healthy, fit and strong – free from potential diseases and illnesses.