You love your child. And you love to see him or her grow. To let you know about the right aspects of your toddler’s growth, Mother’s Zone brings to you some useful advice and tips.

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Toddler Feeding & Nutrition

toodler feedIs your little one not eating well? Does he or she become fussy when it comes to eating healthy and nutritious food? Well, if that is the case then you certainly need to think of some out of the box ways to give a balanced diet to your child.

Make interesting food dishes for the apple of your eye and let them enjoy nutrition in a fun way. From Stuffed Paranthas to Vegetable Pulao or even Fried Rice, you can give your toddler key nutrients in different forms. All you need to do is to be creative in the kitchen!

Toddler Sleep

When it comes to toddler sleep, make sure that your child has an undisturbed sleep of somewhere around 10-12 hours every night. Many children also take a siesta of an hour or two in order to be all set for the evening play in the local park.

wte_toddler_toys_introToddler Common Issues

In this day and age, you may witness various toddler issues. However, some of the common concerns related to toddlers are:

  • Child SafetyYou might be a stay at home parent, or a working one. No matter whether you are with your toddler all the time or are away from them, you need to ensure that your home is childproofed, simply because your child’s safety is of paramount importance! Have covers on electrical outlets, keep the detachable stairs at a bay and make sure you keep all the fragile valuables locked.
  • Potty TrainingTo help your child learn the basics of using potty, give proper potty training after gauging the readiness of your child. To know more about Toddler Potty Training, you can visit our specialized section on the topic.
  • TantrumsTantrums are certainly one of the aspects that you just can’t overlook in your toddler! To distract the mind of your kid from throwing tantrums, you can give your little one some interesting toys for toddlers or can plan something fun that shows them that you love them. Whatever you may do, just focus on not giving in to tantrums as this will make your child more obstinate gradually.

Ideas to Reward Your Toddler

Rewarding your child every now and then acts as a positive reinforcement method and builds the confidence of your child. However, make sure that your little one actually deserves the rewards and these are not given just for the sake of it, that too every now and then. Or else, your kid might not feel much excited to receive them.

Some of the ideas to reward your toddler are:

  • Praise – There is no denying the fact thaReward-Your-Childrent for any individual, nothing works as wonderfully as some words of praise. And this holds true for kids too! Your child would want to stay in your good books and will do every possible thing to receive your appreciation if you praise him or her for every good deed done by them.
  • Extended Playtime – Another method to reward your kid, without having to spend any money is to give some extended time for play. This can prove to be a big motivator for kids. They will love the additional time given to them for playing if it will come as a surprise.
  • Favourite Food – You can also reward your kid by giving them their favourite food. Make Rajma Chawal, Butter Chicken or even some lip smacking and healthy Vegetable Atta Noodles to motivate your kid. What can be even more rewarding is to let your child indulge in their favourite deserts be it Fruit Custard, Jelly, Ras Malai or Gajar Ka Halwa!
  • Extra Pocket Money – Receiving some extra money can be an extremely great feeling for your child. After all we also love the same. Don’t we? So, the next time you are abundantly happy with some task done by your child, you can reward them by giving some extra pocket money.
  • Planning A Day Out – Plan a day out with your family or just with your toddler and spend some quality time with your little one. This will not only help to make your kid feel elated, but will also act as a catalyst when it comes to fostering your relationship with your child. Think of some fun activities for toddlers or take your kid to his or her favourite movie or restaurant. Let the good times roll!