Potty Training

Do you think it’s time you let your child bid farewell to diapers? If so, then giving your little one some potty training is essential.

Mother’s Zone brings to you some effective and easy to follow potty training tips to let your little one ‘do the needful’ on his or her own.

potty-trainingTips To Prepare Your Child for Potty Training

  • Make them understand: Nothing works better than letting your child understand the importance of being potty trained. Inform them about the need of learning how to use potty and let them do it on their own once they find the logic behind it.
  • Appreciation is the key: Every child loves appreciation. Praise your kid every time he or she goes for the potty and does everything right! It will give them the confidence to do it without your help in the future as well.
  • Reading together: Grab an interesting book and let your child read it with you, only with the clause that they will be able to do it while sitting on the potty.
  • Let the music play: Play the latest Bollywood track and let your child playfully learn the art of using potty on their own, while dancing to the tunes of their favourite item number. As a matter of fact, some children may easily do it while you play an interesting tune.
  • Go for some surprises: Give your baby something special, every time they use the toilet. From their favourite colours to a beautiful dress, or an attractive pencil box, there are many ways to give your kid the much needed surprises when they go to the toilet and use potty on their own.

When Is A Child Ready To Be Potty-Trained?

Even though there is no fixed age of training your baby about using the potty, still you can judge his or her readiness by witnessing the following signs:

  • Your child does not need much help to button or unbutton their pants
  • He or she shows an interest on using the potty
  • Your kid has regular and  Child Ready To Be Potty-Trainedsoft poos at somewhat probable times
  • Your kid seems to be uncomfortable with a diaper
  • Your child understands when he or she is going to poo or weak

Potty Training Methods

  • You can try one of these methods if you are wondering how to potty train kids:
  • Look for some signals and make your child comfortable when it comes to using the potty.
  • Set aside a weekend or a few days to train your kid. Make it as a task and help your little one learn the basics with great enthusiasm.
  • Let your child get rid of the sticky diapers. Make them learn the importance of switching from diapers to the potty.
  • Praise your child when he or she gets to the potty in time and do it all on their own.
  • Give your child some present. It can be simply a sticker or a pencil. All that you have to do is to make it sound just like an accomplishment!

Potty Training Guidance for Boys and Girls Potty Training Guidance

  • Teach the right position – Ensure that your child understands the correct position when it comes to being potty trained.
  • Make them learn to wipe properly – Wiping properly is extremely important to avoid infections. Teach the importance of wiping in the right manner to help your little one stay healthy, away from any urinary infection.
  • Be available for help & advice – Even when you follow all these toddler potty training tips, do not forget to be there with your child when he or she needs any sort of help or advice.