Traditions in India

India, the land of some of the most interesting and unique traditions, has made us all who we are today. Being blessed with the amazing traditions and culture we have inherited from our ancestors, we are as proud as any loyal citizen of a nation would ever be.

As one travels from one state to another of the country, they encounter so much variation in the diversity of languages, clothes, views and other demographic aspects of the denizens, which is simply hard to believe at first. Even though we have wide ranging differences in the way our lives are lead in different parts of the nation, we are still grounded with the basic thought – we, as Indians, are one!

Mother’s Zone salutes the different traditions in India

At Mother’s Zone, we salute the different traditions that are a part of India since time immemorial. To help our readers gain a better understanding of all these traditions, this section has been created.

So, if you wish to learn more about this beautiful and incredible country, then we are surely there to help you gain the information you are looking for.

Whether you wish to know about the traditional Naming Ceremony being commemorated in various parts of the country, or you wish to know about Hate Khodi or Vasant Panchami, we are there for you.

Let’s know Indian traditions better…Let’s know India better…

There is something very strong that binds all Indians together, and it is the various traditions that have been followed by almost every citizen of the country since ages now.

Passed on from generation to generation, these traditions are now deeply rooted in the Indian way of living.

Take a look on the various traditions like Annaprashan, Godbharai, Mundan Sanskar and the rest, and know India better.

Learn what is so unique about these traditions and why people still follow them with all their heart, even when the country has advanced in this day and age.

After all, this is the very essence of India! Isn’t it?

So, just get going and browse our section which will help you learn about the country you are a part of, in a manner like never before!

Know about your country; know about its diverse traditions…

Love your country; love its diverse traditions…

Jai Hind!