Naming Ceremony

The Traditions Of Naming Ceremony Or Namkaran Sanskar In India

Namkaran is a traditional Hindu naming ceremony that is held to name the baby and welcome the new member to the family. Naam means name in Sanskrit and karan means to create. The Namkaran ceremony is done to formally choose a newborn’s name and celebrate the occasion with friends and family.

indian-baby-namesWhen Is The Baby Namkaran Done?

According to the Hindu culture, the namkaran is done within a few weeks of the baby’s birth. The eleventh or twelfth day is considered as the most auspicious day for naming the baby. However, the date depends on the region and religion of the parents. It must be done after the 10th day of the baby’s birth and before the first birthday.

Where Is The Ceremony Performed?

The venue for the ceremony differs from family to family. Based on the community and the culture, parents decide how they want to proceed with the venue. Some people decide to host the event at home itself while some prefer going to temples for this auspicious ceremony. Sometimes, a small private ceremony is held with close friends and family while other times, it is a lavish affair held at a five star hotel or a banquet hall.

P1000337What Happens In A Namkaran Ceremony?

The ceremony is usually performed by a pandit. After taking a bath, the baby and his parents wear new clothes. The event begins with a puja or a havan wherein prayers are offered to god for good health, happiness and long life of the baby. The pandit also charts out the horoscope of the baby and prays for his future. After all religious rites are over, parents will whisper the name of the baby in his ear. In some cultures, the Bhua (father’s sister) usually has his honour to whisper the baby’s name in his ear. After the ceremony, relatives can give their gifts and bless the baby.

082Selecting The Most Suitable Gift For A Namkaran Sanskar

A number of gifts can be given to the baby on this event depending on your relationship with the family and your budget. Some of the ideal gifts include:

  • Gold or silver jewellery for babies
  • Coins made of gold or silver
  • Cash envelopes
  • Toys
  • Prams or Cradles
  • Clothes
  • Gift Hampers or Gift coupons of baby stores

Planning The Event

If you are hosting a naming ceremony, you might want to plan the event completely beforehand to ensure it is an unforgettable ceremony. This is probably the first event held for your child so you would definitely want to make it special. In order to express your creativity, you can opt for modern or striking Naming Ceremony invitation. You can also decorate the venue with some cute pictures of the baby or use balloons to enhance the look of the event.

Namkaran sanskar is one of the most joyous and happy ceremonies in the baby’s life. It is also a great day for parents to share their joy with family and friends and enjoy the arrival of a new member in their family.

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