Indian Baby Names 2015

Most Popular Baby Names 2015

Popular Baby NameFor those of you who are looking for an interesting and unique name for your baby, we bring to you a list of trendy and popular baby names for 2015. Be a little creative and think out of the box when it comes to naming your little one.

Mothers’ Zone has also compiled a list of various names and their meanings to assist you in the most difficult task of preparing for a baby – selecting the name. Browse through our database of various names, divided in a number of categories, and find Hindu, Muslim or Christian baby names and meanings that you think will be perfect for your angel.

Whether you need a lovely name for a boy or a girl, we give you a huge collection of names popular around the world. You can choose Indian Christian baby names, a Hindu name or a Muslim name for your baby depending upon your faith. From traditional and classic names to contemporary options, Mothers’ Zone lets you decide the best one for your baby.

Apart from our huge database, we also have a special baby names section in the Mothers’ Zone forum where you can share and find new baby names by interacting with parents around the world.  We also update our database regularly to help you find the most amazing baby names for your little one, be it Christian baby names for boys or girls or any other religion that you belong to.

Most Popular & Trendy Baby Boy & Girl Name with Their Meaning
Boy's Name Gender Meaning Girl'sName Gender Meaning
Ayaan/Ayan M God Gift Additri F Goddess Lakshmi
Aarush M First Ray of Sun Aadya F Goddess Durga
Daksh M Capable/Son of Brahma Ahana/Aahna F First Rays of the Sun
Ishaan/Eshaan M Lord Shiva Anvi F Goddess Durga
Hardik M Heartfelt/Full of Love Navya F Young
Kaustubh M Jewel of Lord Vishnu Nitya F Eternal
Kanishk M An Ancient King Samaira F Enchanting
Kushal M Expert/Skilled Zara F Princess
Laksh/Lakshya M Aim/Target Alaina F Dear Child
Mihir M The Sun Aliya/Aalia/Aaliya F Exalted
Moksh M Salvation Aarohi F A Music Tune
Paarth M Another Name of Arjuna Mahi F Great Earth/Heaven
Pranav M Sacred Syllable Om Pihu F Chattering of Bird
Rudra M Lord Shiva Paridhi F Outline
Aarav M Peaceful Sejal F Pure/Depth In Character
Arnav M Ocean Saachi F Truthful
Sahil M Shore Varonika F True Image
Samar M Evening Conversation Celina F The Moon
Ryan M Little King Rebecca F Bind
Jihan M The World Swetlana F Star
Prerit M Inspired Hazel F A Nut-Bearing Tree
Advik M Unique Myra F Admirable
Divyansh M Part of Divine Being Shanaya F First Ray of the Sun
Vivaan M Full of Life/Lord Krishna Suhana F Charming/Lovely/Pleasant
Harsh M Happiness/Joy/Delight Ridhima F Full of Love
Saarthak M Well Done Saanwi F Goddess Lakshmi
Samakash M In Front Presence Shagun F Auspicious Moment
Shaurya M Bravery Kiya F The Cooing of a Bird
Raunak M Glory Tiya F Parrot
Ansh M Portion Tweety F Singing Bird
Arpan M Offering Inaya F Solicitude
Divyesh M Sun Charvi F Beautiful
Vishvas M Faith/Trust Jhanvi F Ganga River
Sam M Asked of God Kavya F Poem
Nimit M Destiny Monisha F Intelegent/Intellectual
Namish M Lord Vishnu Ojasvi F Bright
Jasper M Keeper of Treasure Preksha F Beholding/Viewing
Param M Ultimate Serena F Peaceful
Fakhr M Pride Tanvi F Beautiful
Ivaan M Gods Gracious/Glorious Gift Eshita F One Who Desires/Goddess Laxmi
Tapish M Strong Warmth of Sun Eva F Life
Davis M Son of David Lara F Cheerful/Happy/Famous
Erik M Powerful Fiona F White/Fair
Aayansh M The Sun Avery F Wise
Milind M A Bee Isabel F God of Plenty
Konark M The Sun Amelia F Defender/Work
Naitik M Good in Nature Jivya F Life
Dhruv M The Pole Star Ashvika F Goddess Santoshi Maata
Jiya F Sweet Heart
Trisha F Wish/Desire
Natalia F Birthday/Born At Christmas
Raksha F Protection
Jessica F Rich/God Beholds
Oshin F A Flower
Akira F Bright/Clear

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